Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finding Our Groove

We have been home for almost two weeks now and we still feel like we are trying to get settled in and adjusted.  I am more fatigued than ever.   I just cannot seem to get enough rest and just feel like we run all day and never slow down.  I am hoping that after the holidays things will start to fall into a routine.  I think I am missing our normal, daily routine most of all.   
The boys are doing well.  They love all the new things and new places.  They are in stimulation overload and are more hyped up than ever (another reason we are exhausted).  I think we are all dealing with some level of reverse culture shock and I'll just be honest and say it's not very fun.  We are home, but I just feel like we are floating around in a fog like state. 
I am enjoying seeing the boys experience new things.  They make life fun where ever we are and whatever we are doing.  Cruz gets so excited when he spots things like the mail truck, a fire truck, an ambulance, a police car, etc.  He also loves seeing heavy machinery.  We have those types of things in Guatemala but he seems more fascinated by them here. 
They love seeing family and are enjoying all the extra love and attention that they are being shown.  They are getting so spoiled!  (we all are)  We have not lacked for a single thing.  Our families take such good care of us when we are home!!!  We are blessed.
Here are a few photos of the boys lately-
We do not have television service where we are staying so we have been watching a lot of DVD's.  Here are David and the boys one night watching the Little Rascals. 

Not long after we moved in this truck came by one morning to pick up the leaves, sticks, and straw that was piled up by our driveway.  They just squealed with excitement when they saw it!  They sat by the windowsill and watched with amazement as the machine picked it up and dumped in the back.  I loved watching their joy!

my sweet boys

When the worker was done David and the boys ran out to thank him and gave him a sack of fruit and snacks.  Cruz said "Happy Thanksgiving" to him as well.  Here is Cruz handing him the bag.

Here are my boys at the local bakery in town.  We have made a few stops by there since moving in.  We all love donuts and I feel like we'll be regulars there during our time in the States.  This was Thanksgiving Eve and we were out running some errands in town.  The boys, of course, wanted one of everything.

Janie's Pastry Shop in downtown Brookhaven, MS
It just has an old-fashioned feel to it that makes you love it!
In addition to the donuts we also picked up a Chicken on a Stick.  It was delicious and I'll be back for another one of those as well.
We love where we are.  We have a nice, large home that is very comfortable and roomy.  We have a huge yard, with grass, where the boys can play.  They already have more toys than most of the kids from our town in Guatemala combined.   We are less than five minutes from restaurants and shopping.  It's nice and it's convenient, but it is definitely not the life we are used to living.  It's going to take a little time to find our groove and we're working on it one day at a time.

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