Monday, November 18, 2013

Prayer Cards Past And Present

We recently got up one Saturday morning, got dressed, and headed up the mountain to take a new prayer card picture. As I was editing it and getting it designed it made me think back to the prayer cards we have used in the past. We have not done a new prayer card since 2009/ 2010 when we were home on our last Stateside Assignment. We have also never done one since having kids. I cannot believe that! I decided to do a post showing all of them. The only one I am missing is our last one from 2009/ 2010. I have looked everywhere for it and just cannot find it on my computer or a printed copy. It was a collage picture. If any of my readers still have one handy and could scan it and email it to me it sure would make me happy. If this happens I'll go back and update this post and add it.

This was our very first prayer card back in 2006.  The picture was taken somewhere out in the Caribbean on our 10 year anniversary cruise.  We used it to hand out before we left for our training time in Virginia. Oh my we looked so young!  and tan!  and rested!  ha

This was our 2007 prayer card.  This picture was taken in Virginia just a few weeks before we left for Guatemala.

This was our 2008 prayer card.  The picture was taken at the Central Park in Coban, Guatemala.

I am missing our 2009/ 2010 one.

This is our new 2013/ 2014 prayer card.  It is also our first family prayer card.
We took this picture just right up the mountain from where we live.  You can actually see our town and the town of Jocotan in the distance.  I love living in the mountains and these views never get old!

We hope to see many of you in person over the next few months and give you one of these photos.  But, regardless if you have a prayer card or not- would you partner with us through prayer?  It is our greatest need by far and the best thing you could do for us.  Thanks!

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