Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Here We Go...

It was a great relief to get everything done at home and be able to lock it up and walk away. Packing is hard. Packing with Cruz and Ben is almost impossible, ha. We left home on Sunday and traveled into Guatemala City.
a quick family photo at our home before we left

We stopped for lunch at McDonald's in Chiquimula.  We are doing a Flat Stanley project for a 3rd grade class in north Mississippi so I snapped this photo of the worker there holding Stanley.   It's been fun taking Stanley around with us the past week.

After arriving at our mission house in the Capital the boys spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the kids that live there.  They had the boys some shirts waiting for them when we arrived.  They were matching shirts and Josue had one also.  Cruz insisted he change into his so I ended up changing them both. 

Josue, Cruz, and Ben in their new matching shirts

We had some Chinese food delivered for supper- shrimp fried rice and egg rolls.  YUMMY!  Ben liked leaning over and picking out my English peas and eating them.

The next two days were spent running errands and tying up loose ends before we leave.  

We went to a local mall to get Cruz and David a haircut.  They were having a dinosaur exhibit.  We didn't have time to go through it but Cruz loved seeing the ones they had around the mall on display.

Cruz getting a haircut  
Normally he loves to sit on the motorcycle but this visit he decided to sit in the pink jeep instead.  I was very surprised.

Ben didn't get a haircut but he spent his time playing on the motorcycle that Cruz didn't want to sit on.  He also loved looking at himself in the mirror as you can tell by his sweet smile in this picture.

He saw this Ronald McDonald figure and ran right up and crawled in his lap.  He kept reaching over and pinching him on the nose.

On Tuesday we ate lunch at a local Pizza Hut.  This particular one has our favorite play land in it.  The boys had a blast playing together and even after we finished our meal we just sat and let them continue to play. 
The boys coming down the slide

Ben had just as much fun trying to climb up the slide as he did coming down.

Here is a video the boys playing-

Now here we are today, Wednesday, November 20, 2013.  Our Stateside Assignment officially begins.  We'll be boarding a plane and heading home.  We are looking forward to our time there and are very excited to think that by the end of the day...
these little feet will be on Mississippi soil!  Hope to see many of you while we are there!!!

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