Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

On Halloween eve I did a little decorating outside the boys room. It wasn't much but just enough to let them know that it was a special occasion.
Their door was already decorated for the month of October.  I added a few streamers and balloons to their windows and made a few spiders out of balloons and steamers also.  I cut and taped pieces of the crepe paper onto the balloons to make them look like pumpkins.  It was simple, but festive.

I love how the spiders turned out.  A craft site that I follow on facebook had posted a picture of one a few weeks ago and it gave me the idea.  It's just a balloon for the body and the legs are black crepe paper.  Cruz thought they were very cool!

I put one outside of my kitchen window also.

A view down the sidewalk of our house.  Every room in our "house" opens up to that covered sidewalk.

Cruz's Halloween breakfast
I made banana pancakes and tried to make his look like a pumpkin. 

He loves mandarin oranges so that is the first thing he ate.

Ben slept until 8:00 so his breakfast was later.  After eating, cleaning the kitchen, putting a load of clothes on to wash, and making the beds, we got dressed and Cruz and I headed into town to buy groceries.  We have been traveling so much lately and the thought of getting back in the car and going anywhere made me cringe, but our cupboards were bare.  If we were going to eat over the next few days I had to go buy some food.  It was hopefully my last time to buy groceries here before we leave for our time in the States.  I am not looking forward to a Stateside grocery bill, but I am looking forward to shopping there with all the unlimited options.

Me and a silly acting Cruz in the car on the way to Chiquimula to buy groceries. He can sure be a lot of fun!

He didn't really want to go with me so I enticed him with getting to push his own buggy in the store.  He filled his buggy with a few of his favorites- juice, grapes, ketchup, and a pack of Mike and Ike candy.

The grocery store is in the mall so after shopping we stopped by a salon to get his bangs trimmed.  We had his hair cut a few weeks ago but his bangs were not right.  They are still not right. 

We picked up a $5.00 pizza to take home for lunch.  Here is our lunch minus the little bit I ate in the car on the way home because I was starving, ha.

After lunch the boys took naps- LONG naps.  It was wonderful.  They then spent the rest of the afternoon playing.  Their favorite "toy" lately is the old tire from our vehicle that recently went bad.  They love it!

Ben  in the tire
They love to put cars and balls inside of it and then roll it around and watch the toys move.

No holiday would be complete without a family picture so here we are on Halloween 2013

For supper we grilled hot dogs and had chips, dip, and orange pumpkin shaped jello jigglers to go with it. 
Here is Cruz saying the blessing before supper

After hearing a prayer Ben loves to shout "amen".  It is precious!

After supper we gave the boys a bath, dressed them in their pajamas, and told them to wait in their room for a surprise. David set up our projector outside to watch the movie "It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown". 

David getting our movie ready

It was a big surprise for them and they were very tickled to get to watch it outside.  They were quite amazed at the whole idea.  Here is a short video of them watching the movie-

our family watching the movie

They loved it!
We also ate brownie sundaes while watching the movie but I didn't get a picture of that.

They kept wanting to go up and touch the "screen".  They were just so amazed by it all.  I am sure that outdoor movie nights are going to be a regular event for us when we get back from the States.  We all loved it!

So that was our Halloween.  It was nothing special or fancy, but was filled with some fun memories.  I love holidays and especially love making them fun for my boys.  I hope they'll look back on some of my many pictures one day and smile big.

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