Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ben's 18 Month Check Up

Ben recently had his 18 month check-up with Dr. Figueroa in Guatemala City. Here are some photos from his visit-
Ben and Cruz before we left to go to the doctor

As soon as we arrived they went right to playing.  Doctor visits are getting easier and easier the older they get.

This was Ben's first time to really enjoy all of the toys there.  He had a lot of fun "exploring" the clinic.

me and Ben at his 18 month check-up
He is growing up so fast!

We did vaccines first on this visit.  Here they are playing in the back before they got their shots.

In addition to Ben's regularly scheduled shots we all got flu shots.  Cruz went first and did great.  We promised him a sucker when it was over.  Of course he picked a red one.

Ben did great too and got an orange sucker.  I think it was the first sucker we have ever given him.  He sucked on that thing the rest of our time there.

David and Ben

He weighs 19 pounds 14 ounces
He is "little Ben" for sure

What I loved most about this visit was Cruz's involvement in everything.  He was very interested in what they were doing to his brother.  He asked a million questions.  He stood right beside Ben and comforted him through it all.  It was so precious!

He is 31.5 inches long

still licking that sucker

This one (although blurry) is my favorite.  Dr. Figueroa told Ben to open his mouth and say "ahhh" and you can see Cruz doing the same thing in the background.  Love it!

He got a good check-up.  He is growing and developing normally.  That is always a blessing for any parent to hear!  We are extremely grateful that our children have always been very healthy and rarely ever sick.  Thank you Lord!

Here are a few more pics of my silly boys later that afternoon playing at our mission house in Guatemala City. 
Cruz playing in the back of a truck.

Ben riding his car.

Ben trying to give his mommy a kiss.

These two boys fill our hearts with joy!!!

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