Monday, October 7, 2013

The Weekend

Our weekend began with a trip into town for supper on Friday night. Cruz chose Pollo Campero as our place to go or as he calls it "poco pero". Our friends Josh and Jessica had just returned to Guatemala after a 2 month trip to the States. We were glad to have them join us. We had missed them while they were gone. "Mista Josh" is one of Cruz's favorite people.
Here Cruz is before we left to go eat supper.  He insisted on wearing his cowboy boots so we let him.  He is very much in a pick out his own clothes stage these days.

Saturday morning began early for me- 5:40 a.m.  I had a ton of things to get done before we left for Bible study so I had to get going early.  As I was putting a load of clothes in the washer around 6:00 I heard a knock at our gate.  It scared me at first because it was soo early but when I checked to see who it was I saw Bro. Reyes outside with his wife and infant son.  They had been at the hospital in Chiquimula all night with their pregnant daughter-in-law and wanted David to drive them home up the mountain.  I woke him up and he took them.  I finished getting dressed, clothes washed and hung on the line, bed made, lesson reviewed, and breakfast cooked before he got back.  He arrived just in time as I took a skillet of scrambled eggs off the burner and a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls out of the oven.  Both boys were still asleep!  Cruz slept until 7:00 and Ben until 7:15.  We had to leave around 7:30 in order to get to the village on time so that had me rushing to get them dressed and fed.  

On the way to the village we passed several kids flying kites.  Kite season is starting which means all of the kids are making homemade kites and starting to fly them.  The kids in Lagunetas were as well and we enjoyed watching them before our study time began.   The adult and children's Bible story times both went well.  I reviewed several stories with the kids and challenged them to share one of the stories with at least one other person before we meet again.   I am praying for them to be bold enough to do it.

flying kites

some of the precious kids I get to share God's Word with

two of their homemade kites 

Cruz running and playing.  He insisted on wearing his soccer shoes to the village.

As we got in the car and were pulling away Cruz said "mommy, being in the village today was really fun".  Hearing that blessed my heart!!!

We got home and ate an early lunch and since neither boy had napped that morning we were all able to rest that afternoon.  We were all four laying down by noon.  

Around 2:00 David got a call from Bro. Reyes saying the girl was going to be discharged from the hospital at 3:00 and wanted to know if David would drive into Chiquimula to get them.  He did but only to find out when he arrived that they decided to keep her until Monday.   So instead he ran a few errands in town and drove back home.

The boys and I watching "Curious George" while David was gone to town.   That is one of their very favorite shows lately.

When David returned we drove over to Jocotan to try to get Cruz a haircut.  He was in BAD need of one but I like to get it cut in Guatemala City.  Since we do not have another trip planned there for another few weeks I got desperate and got it cut local. 

Cruz getting his haircut at a beauty shop in Jocotan

We also picked up a loaf of bread and came home to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for supper.   We can't eat big every meal, ha.

David headed up the mountain to the village of Nearar on Sunday morning to teach a Bible story.  The crowd was slim due to a political rally taking place in our area.   Cruz and I could see and hear the helicopters circling around so we knew something big was going on that morning.  He taught and was home by lunch.

When Cruz woke up from his afternoon nap he and I headed into Chiquimula to pick up a few groceries.  We have overnight guests arriving today and I needed to get a few things to cook for them.  Just as we left the house it started storming rain and continued throughout most of the night.   I have never liked driving in the rain.  Anyway, we bought our groceries and then stopped by the local Dominos Pizza to pick up something to take home for supper.  

Cruz asks to go there often now since they added this mini trampoline.  He loves to jump!

Here is a little video of him.  There was live marimba music playing in the park outside and he had been dancing to it while jumping.  You cannot hear it very well on the video but he sure could.

What else do you do with a restless 3 year old while waiting for your pizza to cook?
You pull out some homemade alphabet flash cards and let him match his capital letters with his lower case letters ha.   I keep things like this in my purse to entertain him in time of need.

We got our food and as we walked out to leave I noticed this-
a flat!  ugh

I called David who was about 45 minutes away at home to let him know.  We only have one vehicle so he could not get to me.  I was going to start asking random strangers to help me but David was able to get in touch with our friend Josh and he came to my rescue.  Thank goodness for friends who will come out at dark in the pouring down rain and change a tire.  I was greatly blessed by him at that moment!  I was also grateful that I stopped to pick up a pizza and we had that flat in town and not on the dark country road back home.

Cruz and "Mista Josh"- his buddy

Cruz had a ball "helping" Josh with the tire.  He held the flashlight and asked a million questions.  When all was said and done I was very glad to get back home.  The stress of it all had me exhausted.

In addition to our guests that will be driving in this afternoon for the night, the two week agricultural training classes will begin today.  The students will arrive today and start classes on Tuesday morning.   David will have his first Bible session on Tuesday night.   It will be a busy two weeks with David back and forth teaching so we ask your prayers over us during this time. 

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