Thursday, October 3, 2013


About once a year we usually get a visit from our supervisor to see first hand how we are doing, to encourage us, and to see our work. This week we had one of those visits. Gary and Lily Stone who serve here in Guatemala as well as Anthony Conner who serves in Mexico all came up to stay with us. Of course we talked about work related issues, but they also had a great interest in knowing how we are doing as a family and as individuals. We discussed our struggles, family and ministry needs, and most importantly- how they could pray for us. It's was a good time together and we enjoyed it.

They arrived on Monday just in time to eat. We enjoyed a pot of taco soup and a chocolate chess pie. We then spent the rest of the evening talking, laughing, and sharing.

On Tuesday morning we showed them around the area some and made a visit to the village of Nearar to encourage Bro. Reyes. We spent some time there letting him share about the work and struggles they are having. The group was able to share with him some similar struggles that believers in their people groups are having. He seemed encouraged to know that he is not alone. We then had a time of prayer for him and the work in that village.
encouraging Bro. Reyes

We returned home in time for lunch and more fellowship before they headed on their way.
Gary, Lily, David, Ben, Cruz, me, and Anthony

What a fun time we had.  We are thankful for the IMB and the way they care for us.  We feel encouraged and eager to "keep on keeping on". 

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