Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cruz's Last Day of School 2013

For a while now I have been planning what I wanted to do for Cruz on his last day of school. I have been thinking about what he would eat for breakfast, what pictures I wanted to take, how I might decorate, etc. We were told the last day of school would be Friday, October 18. WELL, about 9:30 on Wednesday morning we got in the car to take Ben to get a haircut (Cruz had already been at school since 8:00). On the way there David hands me a note from the school and says "Here read this. They gave it to me yesterday when we picked Cruz up". As I am reading though the note I discover that instead of Friday they have decided for the last day of school to be Wednesday- yes the same exact day as I am reading the note and about two hours before the school day ends! I just cannot put into words the frustration and anger that I felt at that moment! I'll spare you the details but just know that it wasn't pretty, ha.

So instead of all the things I had wanted to do special for him (and his teacher and classmates) on that last day I ended up going to get him when class ended, walking out of the gate, and just thinking to myself  "that's it?  this is how it ends???"  I was quite upset and disappointed.

When we got back home I had him pose for a "last day of school" picture even though he was hot, extremely tired, and dirty.  

Here is a comparison of his first day and his last day.  He hasn't changed much as far as looks but he sure has learned a lot since January 21.
 my baby is growing up!

I also had us take a quick family photo as a comparison.  
  January 2013/ October 2013

The school year here in Guatemala is January through October.  Their "summer break" is mid-October until mid-January.  It is equivalent to our mid-May through mid-August school break in the States.

I took this photo of Cruz with his teacher, Miss Olexi, before we left school that day.  We are going to miss her.  She definitely deserves a big medal for surviving Cruz these past 10 months, ha.  I know it has not been easy and there are many days she probably wanted to quit, but we are thankful she hung in there and taught him well.  She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Most importantly she loves Jesus and it shows. 

Four days have past and Cruz has asked me every morning if he is going to school.  He doesn't understand that school is over and he won't be going back.   He loved it so much and had so much fun.   I am glad that it was such a positive experience for him and I am happy that we made the decision to let him attend.   He is going to miss his teacher and his friends but I am excited that he gets to experience it again come January in the States.  He is going to really love that!  I feel certain that we will be back at El Olam some time in the future if for nothing else for Cruz (and Ben) to practice their Spanish. 

He'll have one more chance to be around all of his buddies next Friday when we attend his graduation program.   It will take place at some local pools here in our area.  There will be a formal program and then the kids are free to swim and the families can fellowship.  We are looking forward to a great time together as we celebrate the ending of a great school year.

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