Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Tooth Saga Continues

It's been about two weeks now since I took these next few pictures.   While cooking supper one night David and the boys were playing a little baseball.  Somehow Cruz fell on his bat and hit his mouth with it right on the same tooth that he knocked out back in April.   It did not knock it out again but it was very loose. We knew it would be coming out soon.  I was sad... very sad!

I took this picture right before it happened.

These next two photos were taken later that night before he went to bed.  You can see his tooth is hanging down some, but still holding on.  I thought it surely would fall out before the next day was over so I took a few pictures before it did.  We didn't have the heart to pull it.  We thought it would fall out on it's own, or while he was eating, or playing...

Well, this photo was taken several days later and his poor tooth was still there- loose and dangling, but still there.  We tried a few times to pull it but he resisted so we left it alone. You will notice also on some of the pictures I have posted of him in the past week that his tooth was hanging down also- especially in the ones from his school program and parade.

After a week had passed we held him down one night and tried our best to pull it out.  He just screamed and fought and I didn't have the heart to do it.  When I tucked him in bed that night I asked him what kind of treats he would like to get when his tooth came out and he told me a few things (a big red sucker was top on his list).  I assured him that if he would let his tooth come out that he could get some special treats. 

The next day when we picked him up from school he came running out to me smiling real big and showing me his mouth.  He said "Mrs. Jane (the school director) pulled my tooth!  Can I have my red sucker now?"  I should have known that red candy can just about motivate him to do anything ha ha.  He told me many times that day how brave he was and that he didn't even cry or scream.  I am most thankful that it was a positive experience for him, and not a bad memory.

Although my heart is terribly sad he doesn't seem bothered by it one bit. 

And you know what I went immediately and got him- a watermelon sucker that I was expecting to be red but was more green with a little red mixed in but he didn't seem to mind at all.  He savored every bit of it.

Later that afternoon when he got up from his nap we drove over to a store in Jocotan that I knew sold some small hard plastic animals that he loves and collects.  We had talked about him getting to pick out a few as part of his treat.  He was super excited!

He chose a tiger, a lion (lions and tigers are his favorites!), a red snake, an alligator, a turtle, and a whale.  I would have most likely bought him everyone they sold, but he only asked for these.  He took his time and picked out just the ones he wanted.  Total cost: just over $1.00. 

He has played with those new ones for hours.  He loves to put them in water, ride them in his trucks, put them in the dirt,...  Those type of toys are definitely some of his favorites these days.  They sure keep those little hands busy!  (and this mama happy)

I will be honest and admit that I am just sick about him loosing his tooth!  We worked so hard to save it.   I am sad to see that his sweet smile has changed and it just hurts my heart.  I know it's not the end of the world and kids loose teeth everyday, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it when it happens to my child.  I just hope and pray that it's the only one he looses before it's time for them to naturally come out.  Having rough, active boys is just about more than this poor mama's heart can handle!

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