Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our Boys Lately

Here are a few photos and videos of the boys lately-
This picture of Ben reminds me of my brother.  Both of my boys have gotten a lot of use out of that Little Tikes car.  Cruz got it for his first birthday and it has been a great buy.

Cruz loves to color (with crayons and markers), paint, and use his dry erase board.  His favorite thing to draw lately is this character.   He calls it a monster.  If he is going to draw something it will most always include a figure like this somewhere on the page.

He is also learning to write his name.  This particular day I wrote it for him (in blue) as a guide and then he wrote it (in red) by himself.  He writes his "C's" backwards a lot.

He often gets books as a reward.  This book was about a motorcycle daredevil who works at the circus.  Two of his favorite things- motorcycles and circuses.  I let him take it to nap with him that day and when I went to check on him this is what I found.  (Yes, he had torn a page out but that's okay).  Both of my boys love books!

He was out of school last Monday and Tuesday as rest days after the Independence Day celebrations.  That meant we had to come up with several things to keep him busy and entertained.  David had the idea to turn an old diaper box into a robot costume.  He cut and shaped the box and Cruz and I decorated it.  He loved it (as you can see from his big smile).  Although he kept asking me when we were going to the parade.  I guess he now thinks that he gets to be in a parade every time he dresses up.  ha

In anticipation of fall we made leaf shaped pineapple jello jigglers.  My boys love jello!

Ben learned the hard way that playing with empty five gallon buckets is not such a great idea.   Poor baby dropped it on his big toe and after a week it is still very very black and blue.  I hope his nail doesn't come off.

It is always hot here but with the rains coming almost daily now it has become very humid.   We have access to our landlords pool but very rarely ever go.  I think we've been 3 times this whole year.  We did go one afternoon last week just to cool off and get refreshed.  It felt great!

another drawing from Cruz (I helped him trace his hands)

Friday's breakfast- scrambled eggs with cheese, toast, bacon, raisins, bananas, and strawberries simply arranged as "the breakfast man".  Cruz loved it!

On Friday night we made our weekly trip into Chiquimula for supper.  We ate at the mall food court.  David and I had Subway's and the boys shared chicken nuggets from Pollo Campero and a grilled cheese from McDonald's.   I love Friday nights!   We had promised Cruz a reward for good behavior and he chose ice cream.  The ice cream shop we wanted to visit was out of business so we opted for the frozen yogurt place.  They have several kinds of fruit to choose from and Cruz chose strawberries to be blended in with his.  He also asked for some sprinkles so he got those too.   David ordered blueberries with his.  We rarely ever get blueberries here and that turned out to be our new favorite.  We'll be back for more of that!

Cruz with his sprinkle covered frozen strawberry yogurt

Not far from the yogurt store is a kiddie area with a couple of rides.  We bought a few tokens and let the boys pick out a few to ride.  They always love this submarine (as you can tell from their faces). 

another favorite is the police motorcycle

And here are a few videos of them riding.  They are nothing spectacular but I thought our families might like to see them.

We have a pretty exciting weekend planned.  Please pray for a special service we will be attending on Sunday morning.   We'll be looking forward to sharing about it with you next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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