Friday, September 6, 2013

Keeping In Touch

Because Cruz's school was having a parade last Friday afternoon they cancelled classes for Friday morning. We decided to take advantage of that and make a visit to a family that we know in the village of Nearar. If you will remember back this time last year we were doing a Bible study in their home on Sunday afternoons. Around the first of the year because of pressure from some of the village leaders they asked us to not continue. We have been sad about that. The family has had some visits since then but no regular Bible study time. There are so many little kids running around there. I would love to be able to return just to teach them if nothing else. Please continue to pray for this family and village. Pray that one day we could have an open door to return there and share God's Word in their home again. Would you pray also for the man of the house and some health issues he is experiencing.
David and Cruz on the trail to visit a family in the village of Nearar

This family's house is built right on the side of the mountain.  There are some pretty amazing views from where they live!

Cruz and I with the lady of the house and a few of the kids

On the way back home we talked about why we went to the village and what mommy and daddy do as our job.  I led Cruz in a prayer for the family.  We prayed specifically for the kids there.  Most all of them had runny noses and were sickly.  We prayed for God to make them well.  He said that the next time we go there he wants to take some bubbles and blow them for the kids.  I look forward to the day when we can return and do just that.

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