Friday, September 20, 2013

Ben's 17 Month Update

Little Ben turned 17 months old this week!
He is growing up fast! Taking pictures of Cruz is easy. Taking pictures of Ben is HARD WORK! It took me two tries to get his pictures this month.   He is just too busy for that.
*   He wears size 12 and 18 month clothes
*   He wears size 3 shoe
*   He wears size 3 diapers
*   He has 11 teeth

(don't let that angelic face fool you- that boy is a mess!!! )

*   He is very loud and expressive.  To be so little he makes A LOT of noise.  He is not afraid to show you what he wants and the longer it takes you to get it for him the louder he gets.  The boy can SCREAM!
*   He has a temper "a mile long".  He can be the sweetest child you know and then in a split second become the meanest child you have ever seen.  Oh my can he get mad!
*   He doesn't want to share anything and wants everything Cruz has.  He drives Cruz nuts.
*   On another note, he can be sooo funny.  He loves to dance!  He likes to act silly and make us laugh.  
*   He is very ticklish.
*   He has a sweet smile and laughs just like Cruz.
*   Sometimes he does a deep sounding laugh that cracks us up.  It's almost evil sounding, but funny.

*   He loves to give kisses and blow kisses.  He likes to give sweet eyes.
*   He is not a very affectionate child but when he is it's precious.
*   He is very curious these days and explores everything.  New environments mean new things to touch and see.  Because of that it is hard to take him places. 
*   Busy is the word that best describes him lately.  He is on the go!
*  He is no longer content to sit in a highchair when we go out to eat.  He wants to get down and run around.  If we are at a play land he is trying his best to follow and keep up with Cruz.  This often means climbing to the top of the tunnels and playing where the big kids play. If Cruz can do it, so can he (in his mind at least).
*   If he is going to poop 9 times out of 10 he is going to do it soon after we change his diaper.  We joke that he will only poop in a clean diaper.

(he's my little dancer)
*   He is a good sleeper.  He takes a long morning nap and a late afternoon nap.
*   He sleeps well through the night (praise the Lord!)
*   He sleeps in his crib at night in his shared room with Cruz and naps in a pack 'n play in our room.
*   He still sucks his left thumb and is attached to a minky dot blanket.
*   He loves his monkey head mini blanket.  We lost his bear one this month and we were all sad about that.
*   When riding in the car he has a frog stuffed animal that he likes to hold. 
*    He likes to have a security item close by at all times.

*   He changes clothes many times throughout the day because he gets so dirty.  He loves to play in dirt and is a magnet to water. 
*   He can be very shy and is not as outgoing as his big brother (which is not a bad thing ha ha)
*   He is a very jealous child.
*   He loves to have his teeth brushed.
*   He loves to rub Cruz on the head
*   It is extremely difficult to change his diaper or get him dressed.  He will not be still!
*   He does not like to get his hair combed after bath time.
*   He loves animals!
*   He shakes his head "yes" or "no" when you ask him a question.

*   Despite being small he is a good eater.  He is not picky and will eat just about anything.  He loves yogurt, fruit, mashed potatoes, grilled cheeses, black beans, and ice cream.  He has given up on eggs lately (scrambled, fried, or boiled).  He used to eat them well but won't touch them now.  I keep putting them on his tray with hopes that he'll change his mind.  Sometimes with a little jelly, yogurt, or ketchup on them he'll eat them.
*   He is an excellent self feeder.  He does well with a spoon and a fork. 
*   He still uses a sippie cup but also likes to drink from a cup and a straw (with help of course)
*   When he is done eating- he is done!  That means any food left within reach is either swatted on the floor or thrown across the table.  Mealtimes are definitely our most stressful times of the day.
*   He likes to eat AS SOON AS his eyes pop open in the morning.  There are days when I cannot get his food ready fast enough and he lets the whole neighborhood know it.

(typical Ben- he's a perfect blend of naughty and nice)
For the most part he is easy going and is a easy child to parent.  He is normally very obedient and listens and minds very well for a little child.  He's just a joy and we all love him with all of our hearts.  He just adds a breath of fresh air to our family and we cannot thank God enough for giving him to us. 

Happy 17 Month Birthday, baby Ben!

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