Monday, September 9, 2013

A Whirlwind Weekend

It has been a busy past few days around here. It started on Friday when we picked Cruz up from school and spent the afternoon driving into Guatemala City. We were quite surprised to walk into our mission house and see a few familiar faces of some team members from Selma, Alabama who were staying there. We first met them a few years ago when we overlapped nights at the mission house. It was great catching up and meeting the others from their church. We then got back into the car and went out to eat. We have not been to TGI Friday's since the day I checked in to the hospital to have Ben (April 15, 2012) so when David suggested that we eat there of course I jumped at the chance to go back. It has always been one of my favorite places. There was a time when no trip into the Capital was complete without a stop there to eat.
our family at TGI Friday's in Guatemala City

Cruz was proud to get his own "big boy plate".  He chose a grilled cheese and French fries.  Here he is posing for the camera.

There is no play land there which is one of the reasons we have not been in a while.  In spite of that Cruz did really good.  We were surprised at how well he behaved.  He is growing up!  Ben, on the other hand, has reached that age where you can hardly take him anywhere.  He's the one that gave us fits during the meal.

Cruz with his artwork he did while waiting on our food

After eating breakfast on Saturday morning we loaded back into the car and drove to Antigua.  We had a noon luncheon to attend with some of our mission family.  We went early so we could do some visiting with a few sweet friends.  It has been a long time since we were in Antigua and it's always good to go back.  We loved our time of living there.  It's a beautiful place.

Our first stop was with dear Ms. Ruth.  She hosted us in her home for many months while we studied Spanish.  We also lived with her a few weeks when I was pregnant with Cruz and we were looking for a place to rent.  Both times she went overboard to take care of us and make us feel at home.  I'll always cherish our times of being with her.  She's a jewel!  She teared up when we left and said, "thank you for not forgetting me".  I assured her that I never could. 

We then made a visit with Ms. Ilse who rented us a studio apartment when Cruz was born.  We lived next to her for five months.  It was a special time for us adjusting to being new parents and she made sure we were comfortable and doing well.  She is a sweetheart!

We loved getting to see Kim and sweet Solise while in Antigua.  Kim used to be our neighbor here in Camotan until she moved to Antigua earlier this year.  We miss seeing her smiling face, but enjoyed our time of catching up together.  

By then it was getting close to lunch so we headed over to the Miller's house for the luncheon.  While we waited to eat David and the boys played croquet.  
Isn't their yard just beautiful!

The luncheon was to honor Ron and Margie Carother's who are retiring after 26 years of missionary service with the IMB in Guatemala.  Above is George Hardeman saying a few words about them.

a group photo (minus George) of everyone who attended

Our family with the Carother's.  They are a super sweet couple and will be missed here in Guatemala by many.

Ben on the drive back into Guatemala City. 

We got back into the Capital and had about an hour break before we left again to meet our friends the Brady's for supper.  We had planned to meet at Pizza Hut but discovered after getting there that the play land was completely full with a birthday party.  So instead we walked next door and ate at KFC.  The kids had a fun time playing while us adults enjoyed some friendly adult conversation.  I wish we had more opportunities to hang out with couples who have young kids, but we don't.  So we just take advantage of it when we can.

supper with the Brady bunch (#3 is due in November)

We loaded up the car early Sunday morning and began the four hour drive back home.  Cruz had a birthday party to attend that afternoon and we wanted to get back in time for him to go.  We stopped for an early lunch at Domino's Pizza in Chiquimula and then finished our drive home.  

The Cinderella themed party was for Aury who attends Cruz's school.  The family went all out for the celebration and it was a fun time for the kids.  Cruz loves to go to birthday parties and I love to take him.  Seeing him play and have a fun time just makes me smile.  I am thankful for opportunities for him to have fellowship with other kids. 
Aury's party

By late afternoon we had all "run out of gas" and were pretty tired.  The rest of the day and evening consisted of one meltdown after the other.  I was ready to feed, bathe, and get my kiddos to bed.  The busyness of the past few days had definitely taken it's toll.  We were all in bed early and glad to be back home.  

We were thankful for each smiling face we were able to see and each hug that we all received.  I'll admit that it does get a little lonely around here at times but days like these just refill our tanks and keep us going.  Thank God for friends! 

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  1. So neat! I love reading about all that goes on in our beloved Guatemala!


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