Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Samuelito's First Birthday Party

On Sunday afternoon we were invited to a birthday party for a little neighbor boy who was turning one. First birthdays are a pretty big deal in Guatemala. Cruz was super excited and we were wishing we had not told him two days early about the party. He nearly drove us crazy asking was it time to go yet. He loves parties!!! Here are a few photos of the boys before we left.
Cruz has learned that parties= piñatas and piñatas= candy.  So maybe it's not the parties that he loves so much as the candy he gets while there ha ha.

my sweet boys!

The invitation said 3:00 p.m.  All the kids were given hats when they arrived.  At around 4:00 the party began.  I don't think it matters how many years we live here our A-type personalities are never going to get used to the Latin timing.  

"patiently" waiting for the party to get started

The highlight of the party was the clown they had to come entertain everyone.  He did about an hour long program and it was good.  I was wishing I could have had him for Ben's party.  All the kids (especially mine) loved him. 

My boys watching the show.  Ben watched really closely.  Whenever everyone laughed and clapped he would do the same.  It was as if he knew just what was going on. 

Many times he called people up from the audience to participate.  When he called me I tried REALLY hard to decline, but he insisted.  So here I am helping the girls team with a game.

Samuel had a Veggie Tales party.  Here is his cake.

the birthday boy with his parents before blowing out the candle

He had two piñatas- a Bob the tomato and a Larry the cucumber.

Cruz getting a turn to hit it.

This is the best I could do to get a photo of Cruz and Samuel.  David had walked Ben home because he was sleepy and needed to nap.

After the piñata we were all served cake, chicken salad sandwiches, and horchata.  The kids got to run around and play until everyone went home.  It was a fun party and probably the largest birthday party we have attended yet.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

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