Friday, August 16, 2013

Mister Little One

Last week we were informed that Cruz was chosen to represent his class as "Mister Little One". The preschool and kindergarten classes select a Mister and Miss Little One. The elementary classes select an El Olam Prince and Princess. The junior high classes select an El Olam King and Queen. El Olam is the name of the school. They were all presented last Friday during a school carnival to celebrate Kermesse. Here are some photos of Cruz that day-
my little Caballero Pequeñito (his title in Spanish)

Joselin and Cruz- school buds

Cruz and Diana walking out to be presented as the preschool representatives

I love their expressions here!  They were soo excited.

Cruz, Diana, Miss Olexi, and Joselin

Each grade was presented twice.  The first time the pairs walked out and the director shared their name and grade.  Later in the program each pair walked out again but this time had to speak into the microphone and share their name, grade, and a little about themselves.  Of course the older kids did a much better job than the little ones.

Cruz could not wait to get a turn to hold the microphone!  As soon as Diana was finished he grabbed it from her and with a huge grin on his face he said "Hola niños.  Mi nombre es Cruz David White".  (hello boys and girls.  My name is Cruz David White).  That was all he said but it was enough to get a huge roar and applause from the crowd.  They were all tickled over him and I was more than proud.

There is now a contest to see who will be the overall winners of each of the three titles.  Those three pairs will be presented at the end of this month during the schools Anniversary celebration.

Several of the classes did presentations during the program as well.  Here's a video of some of them doing creative movement to a song.  It's long (3 minutes), but I thought our families would enjoy it.  Cruz was a little too distracted to do the creative movement part but as you will see he was all about the jumping.  

He started the final semester of school this week.  The school year will end in mid-October.  I cannot believe how fast it has gone by.   Cruz has really enjoyed it!

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