Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Boys Physicals

Last week both boys needed to get physicals for our mission board.  We coordinated the appointment with Ben's 15 month check-up.   It took a while for the doctor to check out both boys which meant a pretty stressful time for us keeping them contained in the exam room which is just a tad larger than a walk in closet.  They were "climbing the walls" as we like to say.  The doctor had to fill out a report for our mission board on both of them and we offered to leave it with him and come back to pick it up at a later time.  That would have been much easier for us but he insisted on filling it out while we waited and sending it home with us.   I'm not sure who was more agitated- our boys having to be contained, us having to contain them, or everyone else in the clinic having to hear us. 

Ben went first and did very good for Dr. Figueroa

He is 31.5 inches tall

Look at that serious face!  He watched very closely everything the doctor was doing.

getting weighed

Ben and daddy

Ben and mommy

Cruz is 38 inches tall and weighs 32.8 pounds

Cruz getting his blood pressure checked.  He liked that.

Just like at the dentist he was fascinated by Dr. Figueroa's tools.  I'm pretty sure a medical kit will be on his Christmas wish list this year.

Ben received one vaccine (chicken pox) and Cruz was not due any.  He will need a couple before he turns four but we will spread them out over the next year.  Both boys needed to have blood drawn for testing and neither one enjoyed it very much.  I was glad when the appointment was over, but left thankful that both of my boys are healthy, growing, and developing normally.  That is a blessing for any parent to hear.

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