Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Foto Friday

Here are some photos of the boys lately. 

An early morning bike ride complete with pj's, boots, and a firemans hat.  He told me recently "mommy, when I grow up I want orange clothes and an orange hat so that I can drive a bulldozer".  I love the imagination of a three year old!

Cruz helping me bake cookies

Playing on the rockwall at the mall in Chiquimula after soccer practice one day.

He asks me often "mommy, can I be your baby" and he crawls up into my lap and pretends he is Ben.  I always respond with "YES, Cruz, you will always be my baby... even when you get big like daddy".  That makes him smile.

he loves soccer practice

Ben at soccer one day wearing David's hat

I LOVE this picture.  Cruz was running to see Ben and Ben was crawling to see Cruz.  They were both giggling the whole time.  Sweet brothers!

Ben just sitting patiently watching all the big boys practice soccer.  It won't be long and he'll be out there playing too.
Cruz loves having his face painted and they do it regularly at his school.  His teacher does a great job of turning them into animals.  I picked him up recently and he was a red tiger.  Why red?  "because that's my favorite color" he told me.

a little bathtime fun 

One day this week during Cruz's nap time David (and Ben) put together our small tent as a surprise for him when he woke up.  He was tickled when he saw it and both boys have enjoyed playing in it.


enjoying a little spaghetti and meatballs

he is getting to be such a big boy

These two keep us very busy, but oh my do they make life fun!

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