Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Week

Here are a few photos from our week-

David (who rarely takes any photos) took the picture below to show me how he almost went over the edge of the mountain while out traveling this week.  Now that's just what a wife wants to see from her husbands day!  ha ha.  He said he met a truck in the curve and had to move over to allow it room to pass and almost got a little too far over.  He said it was the closest that he has ever come to falling off.  It must have made him nervous for him to stop and take a picture.  yikes!
I send him my camera to take pictures while he is out and this is what I get. 

We have been watching some eggs in one of our hanging plants for a while now.  They finally hatched this week and we have two baby birds.  The boys love looking at them. 
the mama and her babies

Cruz got a new pair of rubber boots from the market the other day.  He had outgrown his other pair.  That boy is crazy about some boots!

Cruz "reading" to Ben.  It is becoming a part of our nighttime routine.

Ben has started taking some steps this week.  Hopefully it won't be long and he'll be on the move.

sweet Ben 

I let them wear their matching baseball shirts to soccer practice this week, and all Cruz wanted to do was dribble the ball.  You can tell we've been watching a little basketball lately.  We are crazy about the NBA playoffs and finals.  Go Heat!!!

Daddy and his boys.

Our friends Josh and Jessica came to watch Cruz practice one day this week.  Here's Josh and David taking Ben for a little walk around the field.  For all you home folks, Josh (who's from Alabama) is a HUGE Ole Miss fan!  Some of you will like that.

Cruz at soccer practice

One day this week after school we walked into the market and bought Cruz a soccer jersey to wear to practice.  He wanted a red one.  He loves it and wants to wear it every day.

Here's a little video of him in action.  He was supposed to be running circles around those cones but he has a mind of his own.  I love how he starts being an airplane at the end.  He cracks us up!

And here's a little video of Ben on the way home.  He's such a fun little boy!

We are looking forward to a fun-filled weekend of traveling, celebrating Father's Day, and making some sweet memories together.  Happy Friday everyone! 

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