Monday, May 20, 2013

The Weekend

Let me just start out by saying, "hi, my name is Regina and I'm addicted to taking pictures", ha ha.  Now that we have that out in the open I'll share with you a few that I took over the weekend.

On Friday afternoon Cruz had another check-up with the dentist in Chiquimula.  We thought she was going to be separating his two teeth (if you'll remember she had to glue the tooth that fell out to the tooth beside it so that it would not move while reattaching).  Turns out she just checked it and said to return in a month or so to separate it.  So, we'll wait and return in a few more weeks.

Cruz getting checked out by the dentist.

He sat very still and did not move or even whimper.  He did great!

Afterwards we made a stop by the grocery store.  David had the big idea to let Cruz push his own shopping cart.  Let me just say that it was not near as cute as the photo below shows.  I needed a nerve pill by the time we got out of there.

It's been a while since I've taken him to the store with me and it will be a loooong time before he goes back.

While David put the groceries in the car the boys and I walked out into the mall.  Our grocery store is attached to a shopping mall.  We let Cruz ride one of these motorized animals.  He picked out a lion. 
He started out doing good, but was way distracted by all that was going on around him.  He could not drive it straight.  He had many close encounters with running over people and things.  He finally just got off and didn't want to ride any more.

Ben and I took a turn since Cruz didn't want to.

Afterwards we met our friends the Byrd's at Pollo Campero for supper.  That is always a fun time for us.

On Saturday morning we drove back into Chiquimula to watch some kids play soccer at a sports complex.  We had stopped by several weeks ago and talked with them about Cruz taking lessons.  We have been trying to return on a Saturday ever since but have just not had time.  We finally had a free day to go and after being there I am pretty sure we will be signing Cruz up starting in June.  He's pretty excited!

Cruz at the soccer field

It was pretty hot that day (like most days around here) so we stopped by a Sarita's for some ice cream before returning home.

This particular Sarita's has a small play land so the boys enjoyed playing a while too.  Look at my happy boy swinging!


We spent the rest of the day chilling at home.  I took a photo of David and Ben when I realized they both had on red.  Cute!

my sweet boy Ben

Of course, Cruz couldn't be left out and wanted his picture taken too.

On Sunday morning we headed up the mountain to do Bible study in Lagunetas.  We had a smaller crowd due to the fact that many were away visiting in the home of someone who had just passed away.  We returned to our home in time for lunch and much needed afternoon naps. 

David and the boys playing on Sunday afternoon.

Our power was out again for a couple hours late Sunday afternoon.  When we have no power we also have no water.  It's not too fun.  I decided to cook supper a little early before it got dark.  I made us some grilled cheese sandwiches and we ate them outside on the boys picnic table.  Cruz thought it was fun.  Thankfully the power came back on right at dark so we were able to take baths and do our normal nightly routine.

having a little Sunday evening picnic

Today we are gearing up for a big week.  My mom flies in on Tuesday.  She is coming to help us celebrate Cruz turning 3.  We are all excited about his birthday and looking forward to his party next Sunday afternoon.  How can my baby be turning 3 years old already???  (sigh)

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