Monday, May 13, 2013

Feliz Dia de la Madre

Mother's Day is a big holiday here in Guatemala.  The locals do a great job of honoring their moms.  Mother's Day here is May 10.  Most all of the schools do special programs for the moms.   Cruz's school had theirs on Friday morning.  They had seats set out for all of us moms to sit together.  The director shared a bit about being a mother and then each grade did a little presentation.  It was a good program, and I was tickled to be a part of it.

the decorations on the school gate

There are only 4 students in the 3 year old class.  Two of them (siblings) were absent that day.   That left Cruz and Joselin to do their part.  Cruz's teacher, Miss Olexi, is in the red skirt.

They each had to share a poem.  Cruz's teacher sent it home with him on Wednesday.  He did not go to school on Thursday because we all went up in the mountains in the village.  That gave us little time to teach it to him before Friday morning.  In spite of that, he did good.

Cruz saying his Mother's Day poem (in Spanish).  He had to say- "Mamita bella, Mamita hermosa, en este dia te dare' una rosa".  He made me proud!

bringing me my rose

I didn't get a picture of the 4 and 5 years old's, but I took photos of the other classes.  The older kids were doing their program later in the day.

the first graders

the second graders

the third graders

After the program the teachers served the mother's a sandwich, a canned drink, and a piece of cake.

me and Cruz

Later that day we drove into Chiquimula to eat supper.  This week we chose McDonald's.  Below is a beautiful sunset photo I took as we approached the restaurant.
soo pretty!

I also took this photo on the way to town.  It's mango season here and you see them EVERYWHERE!  This guy had most likely been picking them all day and was delivering them to the market to be sold.  David and Ben love them!

It's cool that I get to celebrate Mother's Day twice.  We celebrate on the Guatemala day and then again on Sunday along with the States.  This year we just turned it in to a weekend long celebration.  I was not complaining. 

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