Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break Road Trip Days 3 and 4

Thursday morning we woke up in Sayaxche and were joined for breakfast by Ms. Barbara Stoltzfus.  We had a good time catching up with her.  She is a busy lady and is a great example of someone who has given her life to serve others.
our family with Ms. Barbara in Sayaxche

Cruz and Ms. Barbara at breakfast

I had dressed the boys in their Easter outfits that day with hopes of getting a cute photo of them sometime during the day.  It did not happen.  I tried several different times and eventually just gave up.
My first attempt at an Easter picture.  This one does make me laugh though. 

After breakfast we loaded up and checked out of the hotel.  We ran by the local grocery store for David to buy a few bottles of Marie Sharp's chili sauce.  He loves it and you can only buy it in the Peten.  We then crossed the ferry and headed towards Flores/ Santa Elena.

about to board the ferry in Sayaxche

Cruz on the ferry.

This is me and Cruz on the ferry November 2010 and March 2013.

We drove to Flores and looked around there a little while.  We then visited the Mega Paca in Santa Elena.  I am a huge fan of the Mega Paca's in Guatemala.  Mega Paca's are large thrift stores.  They sell new and used products from the States.  You can find just about anything in there.  I love going and looking for good buys.  I especially love finding cute clothes for the boys.

While I shopped around the boys got to play on the cool playground that is outside of the store.  Cruz has played there many times in the past.  One of the grocery stores that we shopped at when we lived in Sayaxche was in this same mall area.

Another attempt at an Easter photo.  Neither one of them woud look at the camera.


We ate lunch at the Pizza Hut in Santa Elena.  It was one of our favorite places to visit when we lived in the Peten.  Pizza is definitely my favorite food!
Cruz and David at lunch

Ben enjoyed the pizza too, haha

After our meal we drove on to Poptun.  We were torn between staying the night in Flores or staying the night in Poptun.  When we saw all the Semana Santa tourists in Flores though it quickly helped us make a decision.  Once we arrived in Poptun we drove to the Kekchi mission there.  We had a great time visiting with them, encouraging them, and praying for them before we left. 

visiting the Kekchi mission in Poptun

We then headed to the Giltown hotel.  After checking in we changed clothes and walked down to the pool.
Even though Poptun is a warm area the water was very cold.  I could not get in, but the kids did not seem to mind much.

Ben loved laying on the edge and splashing his hands in the water.  He would just cackle out loud.

Cruz has always loved water!

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the playground area.  There is a little boy whose family lives and works at the hotel.  Cruz has played with him in the past.  The two of them played for the longest time together, and had such a fun time.

Fredy and Cruz

having a little fun on the trampoline

I love this picture of them going down the slide.  It makes me smile.

We ate supper there and then all went to bed early.  The next morning after breakfast we took one last family photo before driving home.  It's a little over five hours from there to where we live.  We made a few stops in Rio Dulce, and got home mid-afternoon.  We were tired when we got home but so pleased with the trip we had made.  We got to see soo many special people and just loved getting to visit with each of them. 

our little family in Poptun

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