Sunday, April 14, 2013

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Every now and then things happen that make you say "only God could have lined that up".  We had one such instance earlier this week.  We were at the Chorti Bible study last Monday morning with the Lubeck's.  During the study they had a pastor friend stop by to see them.  We visited with him briefly after the Bible study.  The Lubeck's told them about us and what we are doing.  They also shared our desire to begin working in a Chorti speaking area.  Soon afterwards we parted ways and returned home.

On Tuesday afternoon we got a call from the Lubeck's telling us about a lady who was currently visiting in their home.  She is the daughter of the pastor that we met on Monday.  He told her about us and it turns out that she works as a teacher in a village up in the mountains that is very Chorti in culture and language.  She said she has been praying for about 4 years that something evangelical could get started there.  She is a believer. 

It just so happens that this is one of the same Chorti villages that we recently drove though while out trying to make some new contacts. 

She wants to have a service in the school for the students and parents in May.  It will be in Chorti so she invited the Lubeck's to come and lead the service.  It will be a great time to share the Gospel with all of them.  The Lubeck's invited us to come along.  While there they will introduce us to the village and share with them our desire to teach the Bible to them.  It will be great for us to be seen with the Lubeck's, and formally introduced by them so that when we return the people will know who we are. 

We will be working on a greeting that the Lubeck's will help us translate into Chorti so that we can share it with the people there. 

How exciting to see how God is working and opening doors for us.  Would you begin praying for this new area?  Pray for the Christian teacher who teaches there to be a good witness and role model each day.  Pray for the service we will be attending there on May 9.  Pray for the Lubeck's as they prepare to share God's Word there that day.  Pray that afterwards we would have an open door to return and begin sharing Bible stories with them.

Let me just add that with the good things that God is doing, there is an enemy working even harder to destroy.  I feel like we are living in a state of spiritual attack lately and we could greatly use your prayers.  Would you pray the armour of God over our family?  We need it and would really appreciate it!

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