Monday, April 22, 2013

In Case You Wanted To Know

We have been a little busy since our last posts.  We spent the day after Ben's birthday getting everything cleaned up and back in order.  Cruz did not have school that day so it made it a little harder to get those things done.  Later that afternoon we went for a little swim at our landlord's house.  It was refreshing, and a cool break from the heat.

chillin' in the pool

When Cruz got out of school on Thursday we picked him up and drove into Guatemala City.  When we arrived there we went straight to PriceSmart to buy some supplies.  Afterwards we stopped by a local KFC for an afternoon snack.  I love popcorn chicken from there!  The boys had fun on the play land.

It's only beginning! 
The bigger Ben gets and the more mobile he becomes, the rougher Cruz is starting to play with him.  Here he is tackling Ben on the mat.  It won't be long before we become full time referees between these two.
Don't let that little grin fool you.  He is in full blown terrible twos stage lately.  Oh my the stress he is causing us!

When we arrived at our mission house both boys enjoyed spending the rest of the day playing with the kids who live there.  Here is Cruz showing his newest scratch/ soon to be bruise.  He fell while running and scraped his face on the concrete.  Of course he fell on the same exact spot where he has already had stitches twice in the past. 

Here is a photo I took of the boys on Friday morning before we went to Ben's one year check-up.  He got a good report and I'll do a separate post about it later in the week.

Afterwards we took Cruz to see his dentist in the Capital.  We wanted him to look at Cruz's tooth and be aware of what was going on.  He thought the tooth looked really good.  He took another xray and was pleased with what it showed.  He thought the permanent tooth behind it was fine also.  He seems to think the tooth is going to be saved and said to just keep an eye on it for any sign of infection or any change in color.  Unless we notice any change we won't have plans to return until Cruz's next cleaning in July.   I did not take any photos of the visit because I took Cruz back by myself while David stayed in the waiting room with Ben.  I spent the whole time trying to keep Cruz calm and couldn't take pictures.

After lunch and naps we went to the mall to get the boys a haircut.  Here's Ben getting his trim.

Before driving back home on Saturday morning I took a few photos of the latest change at our mission house.  They removed the wall that separated the library and living room.  It is now one big open room, and is nice and spacious.  Many who read our blog are familiar with our mission house and I thought they would like to see the change.

the view from the hall

The view from what used to be the library.   You can also see the new sofas that are now there.

view from the front door

The view from the kitchen. 
They had just done the project on Friday so I am sure they will do a little more rearranging before it's finished.

A few photos of the boys before we drove home.  They keep us SUPER busy!

On Sunday afternoon we had Bible study in the village of Lagunetas.  We usually do it in the mornings but this week they decided to have it in the afternoon.  Well, when we arrived we found a big soccer game going on at the field right in front of the house where we meet.  We waited until the half time to do our study.  It was still a little loud and distracting, but did not seem to bother the locals.  We had a few extras come to the study too so that made it good.

Soccer games on Sundays are big here in Guatemala.

I usually teach the kids in the shade on the soccer field, but couldn't this day because of the game.  Instead we met behind the house.  I sat on the ground and the kids all sat on this log.  David and I both had good study times and we made plans to return in two weeks. 

I attended the Chorti Bible study this morning at the Lubeck's and David drove to Honduras to teach Bible stories to a group of young adults there.  He'll also be helping with a medical clinic in the village of Nearar a few days this week.  That is the other village that we are doing a Bible study in.  

Well that's just a little of life lately around our part of the world.  I don't think I've mentioned it lately, but we appreciate your interest in our family and ministry and thank you for keeping up with us, praying for us, and reading our blog. 

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