Monday, April 29, 2013

Celebrating Number Seventeen

My anniversary is one of my most favorite days of the year.  I love thinking back to the day we got married and reminiscing about how we have spent past anniversaries.  We have always tried to travel somewhere for our anniversary, and celebrate it big.  It's the one day out of the year that we celebrate us as a couple.  I love that and look forward to many more years to come to continue the tradition. 

Things have changed a bit since having kids.  Since we don't have anyone to keep them we just take them with us.  It takes the romance out of the trip, but adds an extra fun element to it.  Maybe when they get a little older they can appreciate our celebration and do things to help make it special.

We love water.  We also love warm, sunny days (just not too hot).  When trying to decide what to do for our anniversary this year we had to keep two things in mind 1)  we would not have childcare for our kids so they would have to tag along with us  and 2)  it's hot here right now.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere that had a pool so we could enjoy splashing around and cooling off in the water.  We had a few options in mind, but ended up going to Esquipulas. 

One thing we love about living in this part of Guatemala is that many of the hotels not only have a pool but they also have mini water parks.  The hotels might be very basic, but they go all out on the pool areas.  Many people here make day trips to the hotels to swim and play.  It's big business around here.  We also love that many of them have playground areas for the kids.  Most all of them are family and kid friendly.  That's good considering we are planning on living here for a while.

We drove to Esquipulas on Friday afternoon and stayed one night there.  Once arriving and checking in we went straight to the pool.

The large/ main swimming pool.  It has two water slides.

This is the kiddie area.  It has three shallow pools, a lazy river, and two water slides.

a back view of the kiddie area

We all had fun going down the water slides.  David took Ben and I went down with Cruz. 

All that swimming will make you work up an appetite so we ordered a little late afternoon snack- chicken and cheese quesadillas and French fries.  I love fries!!!  We all shared and then swam some more.

We also spent a little time on the playground.  The kids loved it.

That night for supper we called in a pizza from Dominos and ate it in the room.  The special for that day included an order of BBQ ribs.  Pizza and ribs are two more of my favorite foods.   We might not have eaten fancy on this trip but we ate good, haha.

After supper we went walking around the property.  They had it lit up really pretty.  We spent a while sitting out by the pool.  The underwater lights on the main pool at night rotate colors.  Cruz loved watching it turn blue, green, red, purple, etc.  He met this little girl and played with her until we had to make him go inside.  He name was Regina.  I love that!  She wanted Cruz to teach her all of the colors in English.  He liked being her teacher.

Cruz took this photo of us while sitting on one of the couches in the lobby.  He loves to take pictures with my camera, and he does a pretty good job.

We were all in bed pretty early.  Keeping up with two little one's is hard work, especially when you are away from home.

Saturday was our original anniversary.  We ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  David and I ordered typical plates (scrambled eggs, black beans, fried plantains, and tortillas).  We ordered pancakes for the boys. 

our anniversary breakfast

We had planned to visit a small zoo that is near there but ended up just spending the whole morning at the pool.  We'll make a return day trip to the zoo one day soon.
Ben and David

We checked out around lunch time and took this family photo before leaving.

We ate lunch at Pollo Campero before driving back home.  It was a fun trip and gave us lots of new, fun memories to add to our anniversary celebrations.

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