Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lunch With The Stoudenmire's

We were supposed to spend Saturday with our friends Allen and Laurelle Stoudenmire and their mission team in a village near Zacapa.  We had been looking forward to meeting everyone and spending some time with them.   But, David and Cruz both came down with a stomach virus and we could not go.  We were a little bummed about it.  Instead, on Monday, we joined them for lunch in Chiquimula.  After we picked Cruz up from school we drove into town to meet them at Pollo Campero.  It was fun getting to meet their team.  One of their daughters was on the team.  We have heard about her for years and were glad to finally get to meet her in person.   We enjoyed getting to see the Stoudenmire's one last time before they returned to the States even if it was short and busy (because they were trying to take care of the team).   We love getting to be with them and are already looking forward to their next trip down in May. 

me with my buds Allen and Laurelle

We stayed a little longer than the team did to let the kids play.
Somebody looks pretty excited about getting that ice cream cone!  haha

There were no other kids there at the time so we put Ben in the ball pit with Cruz.  They had a BLAST playing in there together.

At one point Cruz decides to bury his brother in the balls.

Poor Ben!  He took it well though.  He looks like he is baptizing him, haha.

He did not want us to get him out when it was time to go.  He had fun.

We most always have to drag Cruz out- he's never ready to leave any play land.  I am glad they had a little fun together.

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