Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cruz's Easter Program

On Friday Cruz's school had an Easter program for all the parents.  The note that was sent home said it would be at 10:00.  We arrived promptly at 10:00.  Let's just say that we have been in Guatemala long enough now to know that when someone tells you a time it's really just a suggestion.  Somehow we keep forgetting that and thinking that things will (or maybe should) begin when they say they will. 

Cruz's teacher had told me that he would be a monkey.  I wondered what a monkey had to do with the Crucifixion story.  We later learned that the preschool and kindergarten classes were doing a program about the creation.  That made more sense.  They painted his face at school.  He looked a little more like a mouse to me, but he was cute anyway.

my little Easter monkey

a few of the older kids who were part of the Crucifixion story

The 10:00 program did not get started until 11:15.  School normally lets out at 11:30.  They did not even leave to go get the sound equipment until 10:45.  We knew it was going to be a long morning!  The teachers were busy getting ready and the students were all running wild.  We did our best to keep an eye on Cruz.  He got very restless while we waited.  He loves to take pictures with my camera.  Below is one of the many photos he took of us.  It killed several minutes so I didn't mind.


We enjoyed looking at some of the kid's costumes.  I got tickled when I saw this little boy dressed as Adam come walking by.

It was HOT (it's been over 100 degrees for over a week now).  They had a small concession stand set up.  One of the things they were selling were chocolate covered frozen fruits.  Everybody was lining up to get one.
Cruz with his chocolate covered strawberries and grapes.

By the time the program started Cruz was in melt down mode.  He was hot, tired, hungry, and just plain grouchy.  I knew we were stretching him thin keeping him there, but I wanted him to participate.  His program was first.  I thought if he could just make it through it we would slip out and go home.

Here he is during one of his songs. 
He would not sing (even though he LOVES to sing and sings all day long)

Did I mention he was in melt down mode???  So much so that the director stops the program and picks him up trying to calm him down.  Embarrassing??? You bet!  Look at that face, and just imagine the sound coming out of that mouth. 

He finally calmed down and somewhat participated in the end.  But, as soon as he finished I grabbed him up and we left.  I was sad we didn't get to see the rest of the classes do their programs, but Cruz needed to go.  The little bit we did see was cute though.  Maybe he'll do better next time. 

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