Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wrapping Up Our Weekend With The Parker's

We were excited to be able to take the Parker's to our Bible study on Sunday morning.  They were wanting to visit the village of Lagunetas anyway so it worked out great.  They read our blog so they knew a lot about it, but it's never the same as seeing it in person.  We were happy for them to go along with us. 

Saturday and Sunday were cloudy, drizzly days where we live.  It was also a little cool.  We have learned that if it is even a tad bit cool where we live then it is going to be very cold up in the mountains.  This past Sunday was no exception.  It was COLD!!!  Bitter cold.  The winds were blowing extremely hard, and made it very difficult to hear anything that was being said.  In spite of that, we had four new people come to Bible study.  That was encouraging!  We had a great time together.  Afterwards there was a lengthy discussion about moving the Bible study from the house we are meeting in to a nearby school in the village.  Some were for it and some were against it.  The man of the house does not want us to move it.  At this time we are not really wanting to move it either.  Pray with us as we seek to find a common ground on this issue. 

Mr. Wendall and Mrs. Jane before our Bible study

Cruz with the Parker's

Me trying to keep warm by snuggling up to Ben.  He was not a fan of his hat.

I turned the flash off to get a group photo.  It did not turn out very good but you can get a general idea of the place we are meeting in.  This was us sitting around waiting for everyone to show up so we could get started.

Cruz "reading" during our Bible study

We came home, ate lunch, and all rested.  Later that afternoon we all sat outside and visited.  Mr. Wendall and Cruz spent a lot of time playing baseball.  I am not sure who had more fun.

Mr. Wendall helping Ben hit the ball

Mr. Wendall keeping Cruz from hitting Ben, haha

Me and Mrs. Jane

a group photo
 we sure had a fun weekend together!

On Sunday night we grilled hamburgers for supper.  Here we are gathering around the table.  We love having guests to join us for meals in our home.

Later that evening Mr. John and Mrs. Diana Lubeck came over for a visit.  They brought us all platters of Charlie rolls.  Even though we were all still full from supper we could not pass up eating some.  They were still warm from the oven, and very delicious.
Mr. John, Mrs. Diana, Mr. Wendall, and Mrs. Jane

The Parker's left on Monday morning.  We were all a little sad to see them go.  Cruz has asked about them constantly since they left.  He wants Mr. Wendall to come back and play more baseball.  They were very sweet to both boys, and loved on them so much.  They spent a lot of one-on-one time with Cruz, and entertained him well.  It is always a blessing when people love on your children, and they certainly did a lot of that.  We cannot wait until we get to see them again.
one last photo before saying goodbye

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