Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's 2013

I have always loved holidays.  Now that I have kids I really love holidays.  I love thinking about how we are going to celebrate them- what we are going to eat, what we are going to do, etc.  I drive David crazy, but it's something I enjoy.  Cruz is just now getting to an age where he can participate and understand a little.  I love that too!  It's fun having a little one help plan and do things.  That is something that will only get better as the boys get older. 

Since Cruz is in school now I decided for us to bake cookies for his classmates and the adults that he has interaction with at school.  I baked the cookies while he napped on Wednesday.  When he got up I put icing on them and he got to do the sprinkles.  You can imagine how much fun that was for a 2.5 year old! 
making cookies

Earlier in the week I found some Spanish Valentine's cards on the Internet for him to color.   I printed them, cut them out, and then let him color each one.  We put three cookies in a sandwich bag and then I taped the cards to the outside of the bag.  He really enjoyed giving them out to his friends.

a close-up view
He wanted to use his color pencils to decorate.  On these he took all six of his pencils and colored at the same time.  It turned out pretty.  He said it looked like a rainbow, haha.
When he went to bed the night before I hung red streamers over his door and left balloons for him.  You can also see his door is decorated with other things.  I started back in September decorating his door with him each month.  We use seasonal things that go along with each month.  It's been a fun thing to do together.

Cruz waking up on Valentine's morning

For breakfast we had pancakes and strawberries.  I used a small cookie cutter and cut Cruz a few hearts out of one of the pancakes.  You can see above how I decorated his plate.  He loved it!

Ben had a terrible night the night before.  He kept us up for hours!  Because of that we were pretty tired on Valentine's day.  Here he is when he woke up.  Cruz took him his balloon.  He was amazed by it and I could not get him to quit playing and look at the camera for a picture.   This is the best I could do.

Cruz took his teacher a balloon also.  He was excited about celebrating Valentine's Day at school.  They had a special snack, exchanged gifts, and had a school wide devotional time and learned about God's love for them.  I think he had a fun morning there.

While he was at school David and I ran into town to do a few errands.  While there we shared a banana and chocolate crepe with some fruit smoothies.  Yum!  We also picked up a pizza to take home for lunch.

Here was Cruz when we picked him up from school.  The kids in his class exchanged names.  He had just opened this toy truck.  He has enjoyed playing with it in his dirt pile at home.  He also got a treat box from his teacher filled with candy.

David and Cruz stopped and bought me roses on the way home from school.  I just love flowers!

We ate our pizza for lunch and then all took much needed afternoon naps.  When we got up we took a few family photos- 

Later that afternoon we had a visit from David and Glynis Miller and Wendall and Jane Parker.  The Miller's were bringing the Parker's to stay with us.  We all visited together before the Miller's had to leave.  Afterwards we ate supper- taco soup and chocolate chess pie.  We spent the rest of the evening catching up with the Parker's.  They are here with us until Monday.

Mr. Wendall, Mrs. Jane, and the boys

They had a few gifts and Valentine's cards to open from the Parker's before bedtime.  It had been a long, fun day!  And, thankfully, we all slept good that night.

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