Friday, February 22, 2013

Traveling Thursday

Thursday was a travel day for us.  We had plans to drive into Guatemala City.  We have always traveled in the mornings.  This time we decided to wait and travel in the afternoon.  I didn't want Cruz to miss school so we waited and left later.  He normally gets out at 11:30 but we picked him up at 11:00.  We drove into Chiquimula and ate lunch at McDonald's and then got back on the road to the Capital. 

Thursday is P.E. day at his school.  All the kids wear t-shirts with their school logo on it and track pants.  Here is Cruz in his Thursday uniform before we left for school.  He always comes home pretending to blow a whistle like his P.E. coach does at school.  He likes P.E. day.  I like that he is extra active that day and burns off lots of extra energy, haha.
Cruz in his P.E. uniform


Here's a little video of my silly boys in the car as we traveled.

Once we arrived in Guatemala City we went straight to PriceSmart.  It is similar to a Sam's club in the States.  We like to buy in bulk so we visit there almost every trip into the Capital to pick up supplies.   After shopping we stopped by their food court and shared a slice of pizza, some ice cream, and a caramel frappe.  It was a good afternoon snack! 
My little shoeless shoppers sharing a buggy. 
Where we come from we call shopping carts buggies. 

We then headed over to the Arkansas House- our mission house.  Cruz was more than eager to play with the kids there.  He calls our mission house the "Arken House" and asks to go there often. 
Ben, Rebecca, Josue, Cruz, and Kaitlin  
Look at those black little feet.  He was FILTHY by the time he took a bath that night!

Cruz loves to play with these kids! 

Karina, Ben, and Rebecca

The highlight of our day was getting to visit with a team that was staying at the mission house.  Some of our favorite people were on that team.  The Pearson family from Georgia have become dear to our hearts since we first met them back in 2007.  They were on the very first mission team we worked after arriving in Guatemala.  This week they were in Guatemala with a youth team from their church.  The youth did a little mini program for us and the kids on Thursday afternoon.   
They sang some songs in Spanish and English that they had sung in the village they worked in.

They did a really cute puppet show for us also.  The kids loved it!

Josue and Cruz watching the puppets.

Afterwards Cruz got to "play" a few of the instruments the team had.  Here he is with Tabb.

"playing" the keyboard

Our group picture with the Pearson family
(minus 9 year old Jonathan who was not on the trip)

Tonya, Rebecca, Tabb, Rachel, Me, Ben, David, and Cruz

me, David, Ben, Mrs. Joyce, Cruz, and Mr. Gary
This is one of the sweetest, most kind hearted families we know.  We are blessed to know them and are thankful for the friendship we have made with them over the years.  They are golden!

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