Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oh Brother!

We spend a lot of time outside.  With the layout of where we live you cannot avoid it.  Every room is built around a sidewalk that is open to the outdoors.  It's great for the kids.  They don't seem to mind and love playing hard all day long.  They get dirty though.  Oh my, do they get dusty and dirty!  It's just part of having boys, and I love it.

Here are some photos of them playing that I took earlier in the week-
he just melts my heart!

Just a few of the many facial expressions we see everyday.  Yes, in the middle photo he is spitting.  That is a habit that we are working hard to break.

self- portrait

sweet little Ben
 We think he looks like our niece Kaylie in this photo

his serious face, haha 

clowning around

Cruz loves pushing Ben around in the walker.  Ben does not really like for him to do it.  Mainly because Cruz likes to crash him into things.  Or take him up the small hill in our driveway and let him go full speed ahead.  Cruz laughs hysterically and Ben, of course, screams and cries.  He's not being mean to his brother.  He just thinks it's fun.

I must have taken these "brotherly love" photos right after one of those down hill races.  Ben wanted nothing to do with his brother.  He tried to get away and pushed him away the whole time I was taking their photo.

See what I mean.  He was not feeling the love at that moment, haha.

It won't be long, though, and I am afraid he is going to give Cruz a run for his money.  Cruz may be laughing now, but just wait. 

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