Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ben's 10 Month Update

Our sweet little Ben is 10 months old!
*   He weighs 16.12 pounds
*   He has light brown hair and gray eyes
*   He wears size 9 month clothes
*   He wears size 2 shoe
*   He wears size 3 diaper

*   Most of the time he is a happy little boy (as you can see from these photos)
*   We love his big, wide smile!
*   He is busy, busy, busy these days.  He is crawling, pulling up, and trying to cruise around. 
*   He is very curious and is constantly exploring.
*   He gets into any and every thing he can get his little hands on.
*   He loves to play in the kitchen while I cook and pull everything out of the cabinets.
*   He can make a huge mess in no time.

*   He loves to pull on the garbage cans.  He especially loves the one in my office because it is small.  He always crawls under my desk, pulls the bag out of the can, and then plays with the empty can.  It will entertain him for the longest time.
*   Unlike his brother, he does not seem to mind being by himself.  He will play well by himself and even just hang out in his crib alone.  He is a pretty chilled out little guy!
*   He has no teeth but we are certain he is teething. 
*   He chews on everything! 
*   He still sucks his left thumb.
*   He still likes to sleep with a burp cloth in his hand.

*   He still takes two naps a day.  He goes down very easily for nap and bed time.  When he wakes from his naps he will usually just lay in his bed and play.  He can be real quiet so I normally have to go in and check to see if he is awake or not.  BUT, at nighttime- he will scream like he is dying the minute his eyes pop open.   We do not understand the difference.
*   He still does not sleep through the night and we are almost always exhausted.  He wakes up between 2:30 and 3:30 every night and sometimes more than once during the night.  Many nights we are up with him several times.  Oh how I long for the day when he sleeps all night!
*   When it is time to go to sleep we just put him in his bed.  He goes to sleep on his own. 

*   He is very playful.  He likes balls and anything his brother is playing with. 
*   He loves to be where Cruz is.  If he hears Cruz's voice he most always goes looking for him.
*   Despite being so small, he loves to eat.  If we are eating, he wants to eat.  He will scream for whatever we have.  I have yet to find something he will not eat.  He loves all foods. 
*   He is still nursing but is also drinking some formula in a sippie cup.   He is finally doing better with a cup.
*   He loves dirt!  We are constantly having to keep him out of the flower beds.  He is like a magnet to the dirt.  He also likes to put the flowers and leaves in his mouth.
*   He says ma ma ma and ba ba ba.  He sounds like a sheep, haha. 
*   He also likes to rub his hands and arms over his mouth and make noises.
*   He loves music and will do a little bouncy dance when he hears it.  It's so cute!
*   He does have a temper.  Boy can he get mad!  He usually balls his fists up and just shakes them when he gets angry.  It's funny.
*   It is terribly hard to get him dressed these days.  He is so wiggly!  We usually have to give him a toy to distract him so we can get his clothes and diaper on.
*   He loves being in water.
*   He loves being in his walker.
*   He is obsessed with Cruz's bicycle and always tries to get to it.  He likes to chew on the handlebars.  It drives Cruz nuts.
*   He is growing.  He is healthy.  He is happy.  What more could we ask for?

Oh how we love this little fellow!  He is so fun and just adds so much life to our family.  We are beyond grateful that he is ours, and we get to raise him.  But don't let that sweet smile fool ya- he is a MESS!

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