Monday, January 21, 2013

A Cold Day In Lagunetas

On Sunday we had our second Bible study in the village of Lagunetas.  We have had a cold front pass through the last couple of days and it's been a little chilly.  It is always cooler when we travel up in the mountains so we wondered just how cold it would be at our study considering how cold it was at our house.  Looking back I should have known and the kids and I should have stayed in.  It was COLD up there! 
You can see the heavy clouds hanging over the mountains as we traveled.  It started drizzling along the way also. 

This is a view from the house where we meet.  You can see the little dirt road down below that we travel on.

After arriving we waited about 40 minutes before everyone else arrived so we could get started.  The adobe house where we meet has a room added on to it.  The walls are made from the sticks you see below.  Three of the four walls are made this way.  It offered very little shield from the strong winds.  I held Ben really close and he kept me warm.  When you add in the cold with damp dirt floors it really made my heart heavy for this family.  I cannot imagine living like that!  One thing I love about working in such rural areas is that it gives you such an appreciation for the things you have. 
me and Ben

Shortly after David got started the kids and I slipped out and went and sat in the car.  Cruz was ready for a snack. Ben was sleepy. I was freezing.  I put in a movie for Cruz and we sat and watched it together.
chillin' in the car

We rejoined the group just as they were finishing.  The lady of the house made us all a very hot cup of sweet coffee.  She even brought out a glass for Cruz, haha. 

We made plans to return this Saturday with Dan and his workers from Honduras.  We will be meeting with the agricultural students about the upcoming stove project.  David will be doing his next Bible study with them that day as well so that will free us up to return to our other Bible study in the village of Nearar next Sunday. 

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