Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ve, Dilo En Las Montañas

Sunday morning we traveled up the mountain to the village of Nearar to do our Bible study.  I decided at the last minute to call a local girl we know to come watch Ben for us.  We think he is beginning the teething stage.  He has been overly fussy the last several days.  I knew he would not be a joy to take with us so we got her to come watch him so Cruz and I could go.  He normally takes a long morning nap anyway so he slept most of the time we were gone. 

I also was curious to know if it would be any easier hiking up and down the mountain without him strapped to me.  It wasn't.  I still struggled.

For a while now we have been singing "Go tell it on the mountain" as we travel to the village each week.  Cruz loves singing it.  Often times he will start singing it without us prompting him.  We decided to sing it with our Bible study group this week, in Spanish of course.  We were surprised to learn that they had never heard that song before.  They enjoyed it and we will most likely be singing it with them again.
This is Cruz's expression as we got near the house where we meet.  We all feel that way by the time we arrive, haha.

The family was drying corn and beans in their yard.

It was very difficult to keep Cruz from playing in them.

Me and a few of the kids.

Cruz and his Sunday buddy

 I was trying to do some singing with the kids before our Bible study began.  As you can see from the video above, all Cruz wanted to sing was the ABC's (in English).   It was fun, though, and maybe I'll be able to get a video of the other kids singing a song soon.

Please keep praying for the village of Nearar and the many unbelievers there.

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