Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Family Ornaments

We started collecting Christmas ornaments the first year we were married- sixteen years ago!  Anytime we would travel or be on vacation we always bought an ornament to add to our tree.  I made sure the date was on it so I could remember when it was.  I love looking back at all of our ornaments from years past.  It is fun to reminisce about our past vacations and travels.  I look forward to it each Christmas.  When I was pregnant with Cruz I decided to start a family ornament collection.  So far I have four ornaments in this collection and I do believe it will become my very favorite over the years.  Below are the ornaments we have so far-
2009- I was pregnant with Cruz.  We were in the States that Christmas.

2010- Our first ornament as a family of 3

2011- I was pregnant with Ben

2012-  Our current little family.  I love this ornament most of all.  It's just too cute!

I look forward to adding more with each passing year.  It is already one of my favorite Christmas traditions.


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