Thursday, November 22, 2012

Twas The Day Before Thanksgiving

Wednesday morning began with a little photo shoot of baby Ben.  He wore the same outfit that Cruz wore his first Thanksgiving back in 2010.  One reason I am glad to have two boys is that they can share clothes.  Another thing I am glad about is that they were born the same time of the year and all of Cruz's seasonal clothes fit Ben at the same stage.  That makes me happy. 
Our sweet little Ben.  His shirt says "Thankful For Mommy".  I am very thankful for him too.

We left our mission house in Guatemala City mid-morning.  We stopped for lunch at Pollo Campero in Chimaltenango.  We then headed on our way to Panajachel.  We stopped at a lookout/ market area.  There are beautiful views of the lake and volcanoes from there.  I wanted to get a few family photos.  I also picked up a few typical things for the boys in the market.
David and the boys

One proud mama and her boys

Our little family

I bought Cruz this little drum at the market.  He played it a while in the car.  At one point I looked over at him and he was blue all over.  He had been putting it in his mouth and the dye rubbed off on him.  It was all over his face, hands, and clothes.  Ugh. 
It went very well with his black eye from earlier in the week. haha

Below are a few photos I took of the lake and volcanoes as we went down the mountain into town.  It is soo pretty here!

We spent the afternoon hanging out at our mission house.  We were joined by the Thomas family and the Cadenhead family.  Everyone else planned to drive down on Thursday morning. 
me and Ben

Ben and Jessi 
Jessi is our oldest MK and Ben is the youngest

Cruz, Caleb, and Jessi

For supper we all walked into town to eat at the Circus Bar. It is a tradition for the missionaries and MKs to eat there.  Everyone loves it.  They have really good pizzas and pastas.
Daniel and Jonathan pushing Cruz in the stroller

me, Karen, Jeff, Gini, and Jerry after supper

David and the boys watching a little t.v. before bedtime. 

It was a good day.  We traveled well, played hard, and had fun being together.

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