Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On The Road Again

On Tuesday we drove back into Guatemala City.  We were able to leave our house around 7:45 which I think is a record since adding Ben to our family.  It is soo hard to get packed up for road trips these days, get it all in the car, and leave.  Stress... just pure stress.  We pull away and I drive myself crazy trying to remember if we packed everything we need.  This particular morning we got just down the road and Cruz asked for his cup.  His cup?  I assumed David grabbed it.  He assumed I had it.  So we turned around and drove back home.  We often discuss the fact that we travel so often you would think it would get easier.  So for it hasn't. 
Ben all loaded up and ready to go.  He doesn't look stressed one bit does he.  He is a good traveler. PTL

When we arrived in the city our first stop was lunch.  We ate at Wendy's.  This was the first time I let Ben get on a play land.  He mostly just sat and watched his brother.  You can see from the look on his face that he thought it was fun.

We then ran by Starbucks to get David a cup of coffee.  He also got a bag of Christmas blend to take home.  Coffee makes David very happy!

Next was a visit to the Pediatricians clinic to get Ben a few vaccines.  We spread out his shots so he needed to get the rest of his 6 month ones.  He did very good and only whimpered a few seconds.

I also had them weigh him.  He is only 14.12.  He's tiny.  I am trying not to worry about it.  He eats good and I am assuming he is just going to be small.

We dropped off our things at our mission house and then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping.  We were able to get a few more Christmas things for the kids.  We found Cruz a bike.  We brought our stroller bag we use when flying to put it in to travel it back home.  I hope we make it there without him realizing what is inside. 

Traveling with kids is one thing, but shopping with them can be a nightmare.  Especially with a tired, cranky two year old.  Let me just say that everywhere we went everyone in the store knew we were there.  It was just one of those days that we had to get things done, and so we made the best of it.  Even if it completely exhausted us.

We got back to our mission house and chilled out the rest of the day.  We ordered Pizza Hut delivery for supper.  They are having a 3x1 special.  Yum!  We took baths and were all in the bed by 8:00. 

We put Ben in the walker for the first time this week.  We brought it to the city for him to use on this trip.  He loves it.  If we put a ball on the floor he will chase it all over the house.   

Ben ready for supper. 

Today we'll load up and travel on again.  We have around 3 more hours to go to get to Panajachel.  I'm already up praying that it will go smooth. :-)

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