Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Weekend

Busy.  That is the word that best describes our weekend.  It was fun though and we would not want it any other way.  After my family left on Friday afternoon we had just a little over an hour before our evening guests arrived.  Between that time David's mom, sister, and niece stopped by for a quick visit.  Robin had a train set she bought for Cruz.  It was from Chuggington, one of the cartoons he likes to watch. 
Ms. Linda, David, Robin, and Ben

Cruz and Larsen played outside a while.  He has really been enjoying this Power Wheels 4-wheeler his Memaw brought over!

That night we had some of our former youth ministry students stop over for a visit.  We ordered some pizzas and enjoyed sitting around talking and visiting.  It is always a treat getting to see some of them.  We have a lot of fun memories to reminisce about. 
Shane, Ben, Candice, Tyler, Rickey, David, and Cruz

me with Heather and Haley
We loved working with youth and we miss all of our students often!  They are growing up.  Many are married and now having kids of their own.  Sure makes us feel old.

Rickey and Cruz

We put a few of them in charge of putting that train together.  Cruz loved getting to "help" them.  After it was together I am not sure who enjoyed playing with it more- Cruz or them.  haha

On Saturday morning we drove into town to watch Larsen (our niece) play soccer.  It was a very chilly morning!  It was her last game so I am glad we got to go watch her.

These two have played very well together so far.

Cruz watched a little of the game but was way more interested in playing football with our nephew Sawyer.

We spent the rest of the morning at David's grandmothers house.  I slipped out and ran over to the local Dollar General Store.  I enjoyed getting to walk around and look at everything, but mostly I think I just enjoyed getting to spend a few moments by myself.  That rarely happens anymore since I became a mom.

We went to David's moms house later that afternoon.  She ended up keeping Cruz for us so we could go out to eat supper.  We drove to Hazlehurst and ate at the local Mexican restaurant.  Most people assume that we eat that type of food all the time in Guatemala but we do not.  We always look forward to eating Mexican when we come home.
We took Ben with us.  He is still in that easy stage so it was no trouble having him tag along. 

Cruz had a blast at Memaw's while we were gone.  Look at that face while riding the rocking horse!  I don't think he missed us one bit. 

When we returned home we had two more of our former students, Nickey and Jackie, stop by to see us.  It was great catching up with them and letting them play with the boys.  I cannot believe I did not get their picture. I guess they will just have to come back again so I can take one. 
Cruz was wired up and entertained them well.

Sunday morning we attended worship at our home church Harmony Baptist in Crystal Springs.  It is always good to be back there.  We got lots of big hugs and saw lots of warm, friendly faces.  Both boys stayed in the nursery.  It was wonderful to get to sit in church and not have to be taking care of them.  I meant to get a photo because it was Ben's first time there, but forgot.  I am sad about that.

David's family cooked a big lunch for us and we all ate at his grandmother's house.  Afterwards a few of us walked to the local ice cream shop, The Dairy Freeze, and got ice cream.  It was a very chilly day but we went anyway.  They have the best ice cream!  I also enjoyed getting out and walking around.  We left there and walked several more blocks around town before returning.  It was fun.
ordering at the Dairy Freeze

how cute are these two!

David's aunt bought Cruz this frog suit.  I am sure you will be seeing more photos of him in it towards the end of the month.  He loves it!

We spent Sunday late afternoon/ early evening at our friends the Brown's.  They had us over for dinner.  Reagan grilled some delicious steaks and Malinda cooked a few things to go with it.  We enjoyed catching up with them.  We laughed a lot!  It was a good visit.  We also enjoyed letting Cruz and Sara Madalin play together.  I am afraid left alone those two could be very dangerous, haha.  I love that we can go a while without seeing them and then just pick up like it was yesterday.  They have always been good friends to us!  We enjoyed our visit.
Cruz, David, Ben, me, Malinda, Sara Madalin, and Reagan

It was a great weekend and as you can tell from the photos we are really enjoying our time at home!

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