Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Picnic At Lake Hazle

Every year when we come home we rent a pavilion at the park and have a potluck picnic with my family.  I always look forward to it because it is a time to see everyone and many we only get to see that day.  We usually have it in Crystal Springs but this year the pavilion was booked for every Saturday in October.  We decided to move it to Hazlehurst but the pavilion there was only available the last Saturday of the month.  I knew we were taking a chance with the weather doing it that late in the month, but we booked it anyway.  Well, it has been very nice and warm here almost the whole time we have been home until Friday night.  It rained and brought in a cold front.  It was COLD on Saturday.  When we were about to eat our lunch around noon it was 46 degrees.  Not a good combination with an outdoor picnic, but we all endured it.  It was a smaller crowd than I had hoped, but we still had a great time visiting with those who came.  I love family gatherings and they are much more fun now that we have kids.  I want my boys to grow up with lots of fun memories of being with family when we travel home to the States. 

Here are a few photos from the day-
Aunt Betty (my Paw Paw's sister), Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Nita (my mom's two sisters), Cruz, my mom, and me

Ms. Nell with the boys

Ben, Aunt Betty , and Aunt Carolyn

David, my dad, and Uncle Alvin

the pavilion at Lake Hazle

view of the lake from where we ate

me, my dad, and a sleeping Ben
He was so warm and snugly that I did not want to lay him down

my cousin Jamie, Aunt Diane, and me

my cousin Trish, me, my mom , and Aunt Carolyn

Cruz and Ryder

Mandy, Jamie, Cruz, and Trish

Ben and my mom

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