Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here and There

We left early Tuesday morning and drove over to the City of Vicksburg to do a little outlet shopping.  David's mom went with us.  We arrived before the stores opened so we spent a little time driving around looking at some of the historical sites.  We used to love to go to Vicksburg and stay at a Bed and Breakfast there.  Actually we love staying at Bed and Breakfast's anywhere, but Vicksburg was the place we went to most often.  We are thinking maybe we'll do that again on our next stateside assignment.  One of the places we drove to was the lookout over the Mississippi River.  I was wanting to get a photo with the boys overlooking the river but they were both asleep.  I wanted to wake them up, but knew that would not be a wise idea, haha.  So I just jumped out of the car and snapped a few photos instead.
The Mississippi River and bridge in Vicksburg, MS

another river view

We then headed to the mall.  I was mostly looking for summer clearance stuff since we only wear summer clothes year round in Guatemala.  I only found a few things, but I'll keep looking.  Any excuse to go back shopping will do, haha. 
While Memaw, Ben, and I looked around in the stores David and Cruz spent time walking up and down the sidewalks. 

We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel before driving back home.

Ben got to meet Tony when we dropped off Memaw.

Later that afternoon my dad came over to visit.  We spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine. 
me dad with Ben

a few pics of Ben

I tried to get a photo of us together but as you can see from the ones below that was not very easy.  Taking photos with two small kids is hard work! 

When it got dark (and cold) we came inside.  My dad spent some time playing with Cruz.  We ate supper  together before calling it a night.  It has been a fun day!

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