Friday, October 19, 2012

Ben's Six Month Update

On the 16th of October our little Ben turned 6 months old.  I cannot believe he is already half a year old.  It seems like time is passing much quicker the second time around.  He is such a sweetie and a blessing to our family.  We all shower him with love and kisses all day long. 

This month he is making his first trip to the States to visit with our families.  Because of that I have not kept a good record of things he is up to.  He will have his six month check-up when we return to Guatemala so I will add his stats to this post after that. 

Here is a little of what he has been doing-
*   He made his first trip to the States.  He did very well on the airplane.
*   He seems to like everyone here and has done very well letting others hold him and love on him.
*   He is rolling around everywhere but still not sitting up alone.
*   He puts everything in his mouth.  He likes chewing on his hands and feet.
*   He still sucks his thumb.  

*  He started solid foods this month and LOVES it.  He will cry when he sees me getting his food ready and will sometimes scream until I feed him.  He really likes eating food.  So far he has had rice cereal, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, squash, and green beans.  He did not like the green beans very well.
*   He is still nursing
*  I am happy to say he has started sleeping better at night.  He will usually sleep at least an 8 hour stretch before waking up. 
 *  We celebrated his turning six months with a trip to the MS Children's Museum in Jackson, MS.
*   He loves taking a bath and playing in the water.  He has so much fun kicking and splashing.
*   He is having his first cold.  He has a terrible cough.  I think it is the change in climate.  Cruz is sick also.
*   He likes watching t.v. and if laying on the floor he will turn to see it.
*   He is a great traveler.  We can take him anywhere and he is so sweet.  I know it is only temporary, but we are enjoying it while it lasts.
*   He loves being outside.
*   He prefers to nap in the mornings and then take a late afternoon nap.
*   He reaches for everything.  Those little hands are always busy.

Most of all he LOVES his big brother and watches him all day long.  Seeing them together makes us smile!

Happy 6 month birthday, Ben!
We love you so much.

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