Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Trip To The MS State Fair 2012

On Friday we made another trip to the Mississippi State Fair with my family.  When we go with my family it is mostly to eat and see the attractions.  Our first stop was by the Penn's Fish House booth.  We most always eat there at least once.  We enjoyed fried catfish, french fries, fried mushrooms, and fried cheese.  Do you see a pattern here?  haha  We Southerners love our fried foods!  We also ate red velvet funnel cakes and our favorite pineapple whip ice cream.  I'd go to the fair just to eat that alone.  We picked up a few other things in between, but those were the highlights.  I love fair food!

It was a hot day so that made it a little less enjoyable considering there is very little shade there.  We put lots of sunscreen on the kids and made the best of it.  Cruz loved getting to ride things again.  I think he would stay all day if we let him.  He loves it and that makes us happy.   Here are a few photos from our day-

Aunt Carolyn, Cruz, me, Ben, mama, daddy, and Aunt Nita
A group photo before we left.  Not pictured are David and my Uncle Alvin. 

We ran into my cousins Karen and Kasey while there.  I enjoyed getting to see them.

We walked through the Trademart Building to let Cruz see all of the livestock.  He loves animals!

He got to ride the pony again.  Before we left our house that morning my aunts kept trying to get him to sing for them.  He was acting shy and did not want to do it.  They then offered him a dollar if he would sing.  He has no concept of money so that did not really entice him.  When they mentioned giving the money to Ben instead he changed his mind and started singing.  He earned three dollars from them.  His daddy added another two dollars and that gave him enough to ride the pony.  He was very happy about that!

He loves feeding carrots to the animals.

Watching Cruz feed the animals.

Here he is waving at us as he went by.  He can be such a charmer (when he wants to be).

David and Ben hanging out in a shady spot while we rode.

I wish I had a dollar for everytime he asked us "Cruz ride moto?"  It is his favorite ride I think.

He also loved getting to "drive" Paw Paw in the big truck.

mama, Aunt Carolyn, and Ben

me and my Aunt Nita

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