Thursday, September 27, 2012

Visiting The Village Of Chanco

On Monday and Tuesday of this week David got to spend a little time with our missionary friends David and Glynis Miller.  They were hosting a vision team from First Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC.  That church is partnering with two churches/ pastors in our area- Bro. Rolando at Iglesia Bautista Shalom in Zacapa and Bro. Elfidio at Iglesia Bautista Shalom in Chiquimula.  Together they are looking to start a work in the village of Chanco.  David helped them out with transportation.  They were limited in space so Ben and I stayed home, and David took Cruz with him.  It is always sad for me when I miss getting to go out into the villages.  I love being able to go when I can. 

They have a contact in the village and she took them around to many houses to meet the people and pray for them.  They also got to be in a school and share with the kids.  Please pray for this partnership that is forming between these three churches.  Pray also for the village of Chanco and the many there who need to know Christ.

David was a little busy (as you can imagine) chasing around after Cruz and did not take any photos for me.  Instead we were able to copy a few from some of the team members.  Here are a couple of them-
the group minus Cruz who was already in his car seat

sharing in the school

beautiful kids

I love this turkey peeking out of the door to see the white people.

too cute! 
playing on the see saw at the school

He loves going to work with his daddy.

 A few more faces from the village of Chanco.
Would you pray for them?

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