Monday, September 10, 2012

Basic Training

On Saturday we enjoyed a visit from Dan Watson.  He drove over from Honduras to meet with us and talk more about the work in the village of Lagunetas.  He arrived during nap time which meant that we got to spend the majority of his time here actually visiting instead of trying to visit and chase after Cruz at the same time.  It was nice. 

We talked more about the plans that we made during his last trip with us to the village.  The doctor who was with that group, Jimmy Stewart, was able to get a good idea of what health issues the people there are facing.  He is in the process of writing up 10-12 lessons that teach basic health care needs.  He will send those to us and we have agreed to translate them into Spanish.  Once that is done, I will try to get a small group of about 10-12 ladies together and start a class teaching the lessons to them.  This will be a great way to get to know them, build relationships with them, and hopefully have an open door to share the gospel with them.  Would you join us in prayer about this?  We would like to get this started in the next few months.

We have all also agreed that a good place to start as far as agriculture is to offer for a group of 12 young adults from the village to attend the Youth Institute program that Dan has in Honduras.  It would be a modified six week program instead of the normal twelve week course.  The group would travel over to Honduras for six weekends and go through the training.   David and I would be a part of the training incorporating Bible storying into each weekly session.  Dan would then work closely with them to begin projects with different individuals throughout their village.

We will be making another visit to the village within the next week or so to present this to the leaders and get their opinion.  We would leave it up to them to select which 12 they would like to have trained, and what time frame would work best to begin.  I will update again after that visit to let you know what has been decided.  In the meantime please keep this project in your prayers, and the village of Lagunetas as a whole in your prayers as well. 

Cruz loved getting to sit on Dan's motorcycle!

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