Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Place To Call Their Own

It has been almost a month now since we transitioned the boys into their own shared room.  For the most part it was a very easy transition.  It is pretty hot where we live and we only have one air conditioner.  It is in our bedroom.  We run it at night and just use ceiling fans during the day in the other rooms.  It is not a perfect situation, but we manage.  Because of that the boys had been sleeping in our room because it is cooler.  They each had their own pack 'n play.  It was a little crowded, but we were only in there just to sleep so it worked okay.  Since moving them out we took Cruz's pack 'n play down, but left Ben's up.  I still bring him in our room some in the early mornings and he naps in there some during the day.  We use a baby monitor so I still hear their every move during the night, but I am learning to sleep through some of it. 

Cruz loves having his own bed and was over the moon the first night he got to sleep in it.   He has slept in there every night since.  He goes to bed relatively easy which is nice.  If you follow us much you know he wakes up very early.  To offset that we started setting an alarm for him.  My cell phone has a talking alarm clock.  When it goes off it says "It's time to get up.  The time is..."  It keeps repeating until we turn it off.  He took right to the idea of waiting for the clock to tell him to get up.  We set it for 6:30.  It's not to wake him up but to keep him in bed until then.  A few days when he has woke up before 5:30 we had to slip in and adjust it to 6:00 because we know that is just too long to make him wait there.  When he falls asleep we put several books by his bed and when he gets up in the morning he stays in bed and "reads" until the clock goes off.  It is a pretty simple idea, and it is working well for now.  The only problem is he "reads" out loud and can be a little noisy with it.  We are trying to teach him to not be so loud so he will not wake his brother up.

Here are a few photos-
This was our bedroom when the boys slept in there.  Ben's bed is beside ours and Cruz's was at the foot.  He loved crawling into our bed when he woke up in the mornings.  I miss that.  My next home improvement project is to paint our room.  I am not crazy about the green.  I wanted it painted before we moved in but David convinced me to wait.  Well, 8 months later I am still waiting!  I have not hung anything on the walls or bought curtains either because I want to paint the room first.  We'll get around to it... one day.

This is the boys room as you enter from the door.  

Ben is using Cruz's crib bedding.  We moved Cruz in a twin bed from our guest room.  I still need to buy him some new sheets and a bed cover.  It is just so hot here though a bed cover would only be for decoration.  When trying to decide how to decorate Cruz really wanted to hang the quilt over his bed.  He loves looking at the animals.  I also need to get him a table to go beside the bed.  Right now we are using a cardboard box.

Ben's corner

The back of the room from Cruz's bed

another view
Each bedroom here has this storage space in it.  I love having a place to hang clothes.  Overall it is a little messy looking but it works.

We often find Cruz sitting here playing or looking at books.  When I stop nursing Ben we will move the glider out to give them some more play room.

I like the way their room is coming together.  They both seem to like it as well.  We look forward to watching them grow and playing in there together.

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