Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Last Thursday we traveled into Guatemala City to have some medical check-ups.  Traveling with an infant and a two year old can be a challenge.  Packing takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids.  The climate where we live is always hot.  We only wear summer clothes.  In Guatemala City it can be warm, cool, rainy, or very cold.  You never know how to pack for the weather there so we have to take clothes for any and all weather.  It's crazy.  David always complains as we leave the house about how full the car is and then I love to remind him that we always bring stuff back such as groceries and supplies.  That almost always rubs him the wrong way, haha. 

I keep a running list of things we need to purchase while there.  Our trips in are never restful.  We spend the whole time running around getting things done.  We try to get as much done as possible while there to justify our driving in.  It used to be fun.  With two kids it is hard work!

On a good trip it takes us four hours to get to the Capital.  Rarely do we go that we do not have some type of delay.  We have two different ways to travel there from where we currently live.  Both directions have road construction going on.  Regardless of which way we decide to go, David always ends up saying we should have gone the other way.  This past week we were stopped three times for construction.  It just makes for a long day of travel when this happens.  On other occasions we encounter a protest taking place and this shuts down the road for many hours at a time.  Days like those just about send us over the edge.   We most always have to travel in the day before any appointment because you are not always guaranteed to get there when you plan to.  Here are just a few photos from our trip in last week.
Me and Ben hanging out in the car.  We were stopped for 40 minutes this time.  I try to get the kids out of their seats to let them stretch out some.  You can see some of the traffic lined up behind us.  There will always be street vendors walking along the road selling snacks and drinks.  When you see them you know you are going to be there a while.

One of the best things we have purchased for Cruz so far is a DVD player for our vehicle.  It has made all the difference in our road trips!  He loves watching Elmo and Cookie Monster!  I sat Ben in the seat with Cruz for a short while and let him watch along.  He looks freaked out in this picture, but he actually was enjoying it.
This is my favorite part of any trip, when the kids sleep.  As soon as we arrived in Guatemala City we put our vehicle in the shop to get new tires.  As I was waiting for David to come out I looked back and realized Cruz had fallen asleep with his sippie cup in his hand.  So sweet!
We took Cruz to get a haircut at the mall.  He had remembered getting to sit on the moto last time and was excited about going back.  Each chair has it's own t.v. screen.  They turned his t.v. to Disney Junior, and that made him very happy.  His favorite shows these days are Handy Manny, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  All of which are Disney Junior shows.    

he was getting a little shaggy

all trimmed up and ready to go!

He played a while on the indoor playground while I visited the grocery store and bought a few things. 

On Friday Ben had his four month check-up and I had an eye appointment.  Luckily both kids fell asleep so David stayed in the car with them while I went in to my appointment. 

My favorite thing about being in Guatemala City is eating.  There are so many food options there that at times it can be overwhelming.  Our meals lately revolve around places that have playlands so Cruz can play and burn off some energy.  A few of our stops this visit included Wendy's, Taco Bell, IHOP, and KFC.  We also had delivery from Pizza Hut and McDonald's.  Before driving home we made a quick stop by Dunkin Donuts to pick up a few things to take home. 

I took this photo of Ben one morning.  It is too hot where we live for him to wear sleepers at night.  I enjoy him getting to wear them while we are in the City.  Babies are so cute and snuggly in long pajamas!

We are driving back in today to have Ben's hearing test done.  I am already asking David "what's for lunch...what's for supper"?  haha  Pray we have a good, stress free few days of travel.

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