Friday, June 15, 2012

Big Bro Lil Bro

I love dressing my boys alike or at least similar.  I have several matching outfits and a couple of Big Bro Lil Bro outfits.  I chose the ones below for them to wear to their two year check-up and two month check-up this week.  I tried to get a few photos of them before we left for the clinic.  It did not turn out as I had hoped, haha.
Cruz would only clown around

Ben cried every time I put him down.  (I love how Cruz always tries to comfort him when he cries)

Before long they were both crying.

We laid Ben in Cruz's lap to see if that would be better...

nope!  He did not like that either.

Silly boy!

"pick me up Mama!"

Oh well, maybe next time.  I'll try to post about their check-ups soon.

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