Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ben's Two Month Check-Up

Ben recently had his two month check-up.  It was the same time that Cruz had his two year check-up.  Both of them saw Dr. Figueroa in Guatemala City.  We love our pediatric clinic there!  The doctors and staff are wonderful.  It is a blessing to have good medical care and to feel confident in the care you are receiving.  The clinic is located on the fourth floor of the Geminis's Towers.  Another thing I love about it is that there is a TGI Friday's located on the first floor.  That's another thing I love! haha

                                                              Ben and I before going inside.

He slept in David's lap while we waited to be called back.  You can see Cruz's hands in this photo.  He had walked over to check on his little brother.  He loves him so much.

At their appointments the nurse comes in first and takes all of their measurements and later the doctor comes in to check them out.  Afterwards if they need vaccines the nurse comes back in and gives them their shots.

My camera battery light was blinking the whole time.  I cannot believe I did not check them before we left.  Because of that many of my photos turned out blurry.  That made me very sad.

He was 23.25 inches long

He weighed 11.1 ounces

Hooray for gaining weight! 

me and my boys

Daddy and his boys

getting checked out by Dr. Figueroa

He got a great check-up.  He did very good for the doctor.  I am happy that he is healthy and growing!

He got his first shots.  He did just like Cruz always does.  He cried for the moment, and when I picked him up he was fine.  I hope he continues to take his shots well.  

Poor baby!  This was his face after the shot.  I could not wait to pick him up and comfort him. 

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