Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Leagan's Despedida

On Tuesday we joined our Guatemala mission family for a luncheon honoring Ellis and Judy Leagans.  We had a covered dish meal in the home of the Fricke's.  The Leagans will be retiring soon after serving many, many years with the IMB in Colombia and Guatemala.  They are a blessing to all who know them, and they will be greatly missed. 
Our group minus Jeff Macumber who took the photo and Cruz who was napping.
Ellis and Judy, Mark and Debby, George and Helen, Nancy, David and Jo, Larry and Sara, Lily and Gary, Noemi, me and David, Glynis (holding Ben), Richard and Sharon, Gini and Jerry, and Margie and Ron.

I wanted to get a photo of Cruz and Ben with the Leagans.  They are missionary giants in the eyes of many and a great example for others like us to follow.

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