Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ben's Baby Shower

On Friday we were given a baby shower for Ben by the other missionaries that live in our area.  We were excited when we returned home from Guatemala City to learn that they wanted to do that for us.  It was also a time for them to all meet Ben and love on him a little.  It was a luncheon so in addition to the shower we also got to fellowship around the table some.  Cruz napped for the first hour so that freed us up to just relax and enjoy ourselves.  I did not take many photos (sadly) but here are a few from the day-
Our friends James and Joy made this cake for the shower.  I LOVED it!  I thought it was very cute.

We had a potluck lunch that was delicious.

eating around the table

A few of our gifts

This is what Ben did for most of the shower.  The rest of the time he was being passed around from person to person.  He is such an easy baby (so far anyway).  I let him wear the outfit that he wore home from the hospital.  Cruz also wore it to his baby shower in Guatemala.

the ladies watching me open the gifts

Ben with Mrs. Diana

We had a fun time and are thankful for this fellowship group that we are now a part of.

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