Friday, March 2, 2012

Let's Get Together

There were many things that excited us about moving to this area.  One of those things was learning that the missionaries that serve in the Department of Chiquimula try to get together each month for a time of fellowship.  Usually they meet for a potluck lunch at someone's house.  On Monday we attended for the first time.  They decided for February to reserve a restaurant and pool for everyone to use for the day.  We had just spent the weekend at the waterpark, but did not want to pass up the chance to fellowship with everyone so we went.  Besides, Cruz enjoyed getting to play in the water again anyway.  We had met most of the people at the Superbowl party back in January, and enjoyed seeing them again.  I am terrible with names so it will take me a while to learn who everyone is.  We enjoy hearing what others are doing in this area as far as ministry, and finding out ways we might could work together.  It is a blessing to have this time available to us.  I did not take many photos but here are a few I did take-
Here is the pool we enjoyed for the day.  It was quite large and very nice.  One of the couples brought this yellow strap and strung it across the pool.  Many took turns trying to walk across it.  It was fun to watch them try to cross.

Enjoying the shade

The restaurant made a large table for us to all gather around.  The meal was delicious.  David had grilled fish with a tomato salsa over the top, and I had grilled chicken with a spinach sauce.  I'd like to return just to eat the chicken again!  YUM!

We are looking forward to March's meeting, and the good time I know we will have there.

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